Love puzzle answer

The love puzzle answer

This puzzle looks simple but many people failed it when it was first publish on my faFacebo page. Today I will save and give you the correct answer.

Love imoji + eye love imoji × round red imoji = ?

Solving math puzzles and Quizes can refresh your memory and make you reason logically. If this is your first time of seeing this puzzle, get a pen and paper paper, solve it and compare your own answer with my own below.

Here is the puzzle on picture below:

From the picture above, I will extract four equations and solve separately for you to understand better.

Equation one
Love imoji+ love imoji + love imoji = 9
Implies 3love imoji = 9
Love imoji = 9÷3
Implies love imoji = 3.

Equation two
Round red imoji + round red imoji - 3 = 5
Implies 2 round red imoji = 5+3
Implies round imoji = 8 ÷2
Round red imoji = 4.

Equation three
Eye love imoji + eye love imoji - round red imoji = 6.
Implies 2 eye love imoji - 4 = 6
Implies 2 eye love imoji = 10
Implies eye love imoji = 10÷2
Implies eye love imoji = 5.

Hence, Love imoji = 3
Round red imoji = 4
Eye love imoji= 5.

Now I will substitute the values in the final equation.

Equation four,final equation:
Love imoji + eye love imoji × round red imoji = ?
3 + 5× 4 =?
3 + 20= ?
23 = ?.

Therefore the final answer to the love picture puzzle, Love imoji + eye love imoji × round red imoji = ? Is 23.

Always form equations and solve to get the values of each variables then substitute in the final equation and solve using BODMAS or PEMDAS.

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