What's the engineering IQ picture puzzle answer?


What's the engineering IQ picture puzzle answer?

A spanner + a  man holding helmate, wearing helmate and  2 spanners × a helmate = ?

This is one of the most tricky Math puzzle and if you don't study it carefully, you will not get the correct answer. I am going to solve step by step so that you understand better.
Read carefully to discover the correct answer to the engineering IQ puzzle bellow.

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A spanner + a  man holding helmate, wearing helmate and  2 spanners × a helmate = ?

The engineering IQ puzzle is one of the puzzle going viral on the internet, many people attemting and failing especially anti matheticians. 
Today I will will solve it and give the correct answer.

Here is the IQ puzzle on picture below


From the picture above, I will extract four equations from it and solve separately. In the fourth equation, I will input the values of the variables.

Let's go

Equation one:
2 spanners + 2 spanners + 2 spanners = ?
Implies 6 spanners = 30.
Spanner = 30 ÷ 6 
Spanner = 5.

Equation two:

Man + Man + 10 = 20.
Implies 2men = 10,
Implies Man = 5.

Equation  three:

2 helmate + 2 helmate+ 5= 13
4 helmate  = 8
Helmate = 2.

Equation four, final equation.

A spanner + a  man holding helmate, wearing helmate and  2 spanners × a helmate =?

From the solving above,
Spanner = 5
Man = 5
Helmate = 2.

I will substitute in the final equation
5 + ( 5 + 2 +2 + 5+5)×2 =?
According to BODMAS, I will solve what is in the bracket first as thus:
5+ (19) 2 =?
5+ 19×2= ?
5+ 38=?
43= ?.

Therefore, the final answer to the engineering IQ picture Puzzle is 43.


To get the correct answer when solving this kind of puzzle, do this First:

You have to interpret the English part of it,
Identify each equation and solve separately,
 you need to apply mathematical rules carefully and solve step by step.


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  1. You have worked this out wrong. Equation 4 firstly is 5 as the first image is a spanner, secondly the man is holding 2 spanner’s so it would be (5 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 5) * 2 total 43

    1. You are correct, I think it was typing error, I will consider editing it to see if I get same answer with you.

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