Table tortoise cat puzzle answer


 This puzzle is complicated and keeping many people scratching their heads trying to solve it.

Study the table, tortoise and cat picture puzzle bellow on picture and answer it, compare your answer to the one below.

Here's the puzzle

What's the hight of the table?

Table tortoise and cat puzzle answer

A tweeter user  tweeted the puzzle and asked me to give the correct answer, I could not after about 15 menutes. I replied him and pleaded him to solve it for me which he did.  "Consider table =x. Cat= y , tortoise=z

x-z+y=170. Equation.....1 x-y+z=130 equ.............2 Add equation 1+2 2x = 300 X = 150 Table ht. = 150"

The answer above is correct answer of the puzzle. If you have different answer, share with me on comment.

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