Wife drills hole in wall of a house to catch cheating husband


 Wife drills hole in wall of a house to catch cheating husband.

A woman named Catherine drilled a hole in a pallor to check if her husband is cheating on her by peeping husbands phone conversation. The couple according to news are living in the out skirts if Zambawie capital who happen to have come from China.

Woman on Stands peeping husbands chat via a hole

Catherine was caught on camera by a neighbor who came to visit them and saw her standing on chairs so as to increase her height to peep well, the neighbor secretly took a snapshot of the scene smiling as he explains. 

" I was coming to visit my neighbor to discuss about work that we agreed on, as I approach the house I saw the wife struggling to  peep his husband texting. I when backward and laugh, came back quietly and she was already using a hole to peep on husbands chat. I decided to take a snapshot of the scene smiling since it was so funny" He narrates.

After I took the picture, I knock at the door " knock knock knock " as if I'm just arriving. The wife quickly when down and I start  smiling, both of them asked me why I was smiling, I told them it's funny.

I first asked the husband that what were you doing that I have been knocking on the door and no response?

He said he was chatting with other work members. I looked at the wife and smiled and she noticed that I caught her peeping.

She just went and kneeled down in front of he husband and said " Baby I'm sorry I have been suspecting you for nothing" 

The husband said what's going on? The neighbor removed his phone from the pocket, open gallery and show the couple the picture, both of them started laughing.


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