Advance skills acquisiion handbook PDF download

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Advance skills Acquisiion handbook PDF download

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After our surveys and many people asking us how to make some products at home, We have decided to compile this guide which you will learn the following skills and be a boss on your own.

There are 58 skills for you to learn in the book which is available in PDF format and hard copy. How to make liquid soap, how to make hand sanitizer, how to make rubbing oil included.

Before you get to the list,
Take this free example of some of the skills you wilL acquire after getting your own copy.

A. How to make liquid bathing soap.


 1_10lts of water
2_  1/8th kg of thickener
3_   1/4 kg of foam boaster
4_  1/2 Lt of sulphonic acid
5_  little quantity of glycerin
6_  little citric acid
7__  color
8_  perfume


Mix everything into the water
  When everything is dissolved, add the thickener and stir and then add the foam boaster at the end and add your perfume.

B. How to make poultry feed



__soyabeans meal
_Groundnut cake
_corn meal
_born meal


  Provide a bowl and blend and mixe everything together one after the other properly and put in bags for sale or for use.

C. How to make pineaple wine.

Now, this is the full list(58 skills) of skills you will learn when you get a copy of the book

Check the full table of content on the screen shot  below or download it here
Advance skills Acquisiion handbook PDF download
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