How to apply for Adsense account and get Approved


To  apply  for an AdSense account and get approved can be a nightmare to new publishers nowadays. This is due to Google Adsense program's strict policies.

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If you are working in line with Google AdSense program policy, then to apply and get Google Adsense account approved will not be an issue. When I first heard of making money Blogging, I quickly created a blog, mixed everything and after a week of the Creation of my first blog, I hurriedly applied for an Adsense account. Google did not restrict me from applying. When I clicked submit, Google notified me via a mail that we are reviewing your account, it might take 1 to 2 weeks.

I waited anxiously, after a week, I received a mail saying Your account has been rejected.

I felt so disappointed but never gave up.

So, I did the required  changes, chose another blog niche, reapplied and my account was approved with just 43 quality posts. Today I'm going to show you from experience exactly how to apply for Adsense or Admod and get approved. 

Before I show you these, you might want to ask what is a Google AdSense program?

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What is Google Adsense ? 

Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience.

 On the off chance that you simply Have an online site or Blog With quality substance and various guests of your site then you'll Apply For Google Adsense. When Your application is affirmed then you'll show promotions on your site or blog and earn money. 

Note that if no one Clicks on your ads, you will not earn a dime.

 With Google Adsense you'll Show Ads On Following Items.. 

Sites/ blogs

Online journals 

Android/Windows/Apple Apps 

Youtube recordings 

In the event that you simply Have Any of Above, at that time you'll apply for Adsense. to point out Ads On Apps, you would like to create an Account on Admob, Admob Also Asks You for Adsense Account.

Note: Google AdSense is free, they are not going to charge you for anything, I will advise you to focus on creating unique content about 15 to 35 Quality articles before applying for Google AdSense. 

Make sure your website have This seven pages 

  1. About me/us page.

  2. Contact Us page.

  3. Disclaimer page.

  4. DMCA page.

  5. Privacy and Policy page.

  6. Terms and Conditions page.

  7. Disclosure page.

My personal tips for you to note before applying for Google Adsense program

  • Focus on a specific niche.

  • Write unique articles.

  • Write quality articles (recommended).

  • Make sure your niche is in line with Google Adsense program policy.

  • Design should be very easy to navigate.

How to apply for an Adsense account with your personal domain, .com, .net etc.

This is the most effective method to use for Google  Adsense and easily get approved.

  • Go To 

  • Click On Signup pick your gmail record Or Login into Gmail in initiative.

  • Type Your Website name and Choose Language.

  • And Website URL link.

  • In Next Step Type Payee Name (as referenced in your financial balance) and Accurate Address.

  • CLICK On submit.

Note: you must be the owner of this domain.

Now Google Will Review Your Application inside 24 hour and Send You Confirming Mail.

In the event that Your Application is endorsed, at this stage you need just to place ads code on your website and start seeing ads.


In the wake of Completing This Step you've got to supply a promotion Code (JavaScript) in Your Adsense account and put it on your website and within seven days Google Will Look Your Website, If Everything Will Gone Well Then Your adsense record is  going to be completely initiated. 

At the end you'll Put advertisement codes on strategic places on your site to point out promotions.

How to add a website to an existing AdSense account.

At times it's easier to add a website to an existing Google AdSense account than to apply directly. This explains why some Bloggers use specific niche blogs to get an AdSense account which they can easily partner with a new website. Follow the instructions below to add a website to an existing AdSense account.

  • Sign in to your AdSense account or the account you want to partner with.

  • Click on sites

  • Click on add sites

  • Enter your url and save

  • A code will be given to place on your website.

Your site will be verified and if you pass the test, ads will start showing.

The most effective method to apply for an Adsense account using Blogger blog.

In the event that you simply are a blogger on Blogger blog and want to use adsense to point out promotions on your blog and earn some passive income, Then you want to Keep Following Points In Your Mind.

  1. You must be above 18 years old per ADSENSE policy, be sure to edit your email address before applying.

  2. Your Blog Must be  at least 3 to 6 Month Old. 

  3. Your Blog Has At least 30 to 50 Quality content substance. 

  4. Your Blog topic Must be in topics that can be monitize with  Adsense Ads.

Follow Below Steps to use For Adsense For Blogger 

  • Go to from internet browser. 

  • Login Into Your Google Account.(skip If you're already signed in) 

  • Click On Your Blog Name. 

  • Click Earning Tab. 

  • click On check in for Adsense. 

  • It Will Leads You To check in Page Of Google Adsense. 

  • Complete the knowledge cautiously. 

  • Your Payee name and Address.


Note that this name and address shall be used to ship your AdSense account verification PIN. So, make sure you use a valid address else you will encounter a problem in future.

Note: Now Google Will Review your Application and Send You a mail indicating the status of your application inside 24 hours, but in some cases it might take up to a week before your site will be approved. If everything is going to be correct then your application is going to be completely endorsed and you'll show adsense promotions on your blog and start Earning. And please don't copy and paste Google AdSense will not approve your site, if you copy someone post and paste it to your as if it your own, Google AdSense wants fresh things and a unique content created by you on your own.

 Follow this steps to apply Adsense For Youtube

Step  one

Go too and Login together with your Google Account. 

Presently Visit 

Empower Monetization for your Youtube account. 

Acknowledge All Terms and Conditions. 

Presently Click On Monetize Account. 

Presently you'll Receive an Email from google in your Gmail id. 

Upload a replacement Video. 

Step two

Again Visit 

presently Click On "In what manner Will i buy Paid" 

Presently Click On "Partner an Adsense Account" 

Presently it'll Leads You To Adsense Screen Where you've got to end the shape and every one Details Accurately.

Click On Submit Button. 

inside 1/2 hour Your Adsense Account is going to be Approved...

Some Important abbreviations and Terms of Google Adsense. 

Site hit : When a client visits your page it'll be considered 1 view, no matter what number of pages he visited.. 

Promotions Impressions: Its Number of advertisements saw by any client on your blog. On the off chance that 4 promotions are there on any page and its saw by 2 client then advertisements impression are going to be considered 8. 

CPM: CPM is characterized as what proportion the promoter pays you for 1 thousand advertisement impressions for its Ads. 

CPC: Cost Per Click (CPC) Is measure of cash you'll get whenever a client clicks on advertisements. 

CTR: Click Through Rate (CTR) is calculated, the number of advertisement clicks divided by the number of promotion impressions. 

RPM: Revenue Per thousand Ad Impression is decided by your Estimated Earning x 1000 divided by Number Page Views. 

Assessed Earning: It Shows Your Total Valid Earning For That particular Period of your time 

Promotion Requests: When Any Website Requests You to point out Its Ads On Your  Or Blog Then it is called Asense Ads Request.

Conclusion. To apply and get an AdSense account approved can be very challenging even if you follow all the points above. At times one cannot tell exactly what criteria is used to apply and get an AdSense account approved because at times blogs that follow all the tips above get rejected while some which do not follow get accepted. You only need to focus and respect their policy to get your account approved.

Still not satisfied? Contact us. Thanks and please don't forget to share.

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