How to activate free internet with MTN Cameroon


 How to activate free internet with MTN Cameroon.

How to activate free internet with MTN Cameroon

How to activate free internet with MTN Cameroon

MTN Mobile Telephone Network is a network service provider company based in Cameroon and many other Countries. The company recently celebrate it 20th anniversary.

Some of its service are free, some discounted and some paid. Today I will share with you how to get free internet connection in your phone in Cameroon using MTN network service.

Many people use internet connection for various reasons.
Some use it to socialize with friends and family on social media, some use it to do research, some use it to study online e

Due to Coronavirus, many people now engage in online stuffs since there's a global lockdown.
As a result, some internet connection provider companies have reduce their costs and some even provide their services for free.
MTN is not left out as far as these free services are concerned. That's why the company have provided codes that if you  load little Credit into your sim and dial them, you will get free internet to browse.

Before I share this trick, I will first let you know why MTN maybe giving free internet.

1. MTN gives free internet to help researchers do their research online without extra cost.
2. To help students study online by watching videos, downloading books etc.
3. To promote it services.

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Now you know why MTN gives free internet connection to Cameroonians, let's talk how to get free internet on your Android phone.

How to activate free internet connection using MTN sim for 30 days

1. Switch of your data.

2. Load Credit ranging from 100FCFA to 5000FCFA in your MTN sim card.

3. Dial *123*10#

4. Select your data package by entering the number before it.

5. Select 1 to confirm the activation.

6. Switch on your data.

Note I soon as your free data expires, MTN will automatically stop your internet. This means you will not lost your normal credit if your data expires.

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If you still have worries on how to activate free internet connection with MTN  Cameroon, feel free to let us know.

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