how to create a blog and make money blogging in Cameroon


how to create a blog and make money blogging in Cameroon

How to create a blog and make money in Cameroon
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I  understand you must have been asking yourself how to start a blog in Cameroon like  CAMEROON HOW TO  MIMIMEFO INFO, CAMEROON NEWS EGENCY, 237SHOWBIZ ETC. 

Worry no more, this book is for you and it covers everything about blogging from scratch to when you earn your first income.

It is also important to note that blogging is not a make money quick scheme as some newbie bloggers always think. 

I am not saying everyone can make money online but if you are patient, consistent and follow this guide, you are going to be among those who make money online or why not double them.


Blogging is the most legit way to make money online in Cameroon, Africa or any part of the world today. When I say make money online, I don’t mean the make money quick schemes, I mean starting your own blog, investing some time in it and earn forever. 

On your own personal blog, you will have the opportunity to make money online in many ways which I will review to you in this article.I know you must have been Google searching how to start a blog in Cameroon for free, how to make money online in Cameroon etc and you always land on some links that will instead confuse you more like me when I first heard of the word blogging. 

You will equally land on articles that people will be reporting their online income instead of teaching you how they do it. They say, "Teach a child how to catch fish instead of giving him fish."

On may  5th 2020, I created a Facebook page 237blogjourney, I wanted to use this page to share some of my blogging experience to my friends which might also be helpful to you, to my greatest surprise many people started in boxing me asking even some of the most simplest questions I think an average online user should knew. Some asked questions like;

  • How do I create an email?
  • What is a blog?
  • Who is a blogger?
  • How do I create my own blog for free in Cameroon?
  • If I create my own blog how will I earn from it?
  • Can I blog with just an android phone­?
  • What is blogging all about?
  • What is a blog niche?
  • How do I choose a blog niche that pays?
  • How to I make money blogging in Cameroon
  • What is an Adsense account?
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • If I start my blog what are some of the ways I can earn from it?
  • How to I receive payment from Adsense in Cameroon?
  • I want to write a blog where do I start?
  • How do I become a blogger in Cameroon?
  • How much does it cost start a blog in Cameroon?
  • Please can you create my own blog?
  • How do I edit my blog theme to look professional?
  • How do I write quality post?

I summarized all these questions to what I titled the who, what, why, which, how to of blogging.
I answered some of these questions but not elaborately, I equally assist some create their blogs for free. Since I did not have enough time to always chat with my fans and create their blogs, I decided to write this book that has every detail about blogging with screen shorts and videos. This book is written base on my personal experience (my blogging journey). 

It will save you time, money and you will not commit some errors I committed. For example I never knew how to choose a good blog niche; I never know how to write quality posts etc. In fact I wasted lot of time creating many blogs and deleted them because I wanted to learn on my own.

 Thanks to blogger for offering free platform to try. (Read 10 mistakes of newbie bloggers on 237blogjourney).

After reading this book, you should be able to create your own blog for free without spending a dime and make money from it using your android phone or laptop.

In this book, all the above questions have been answered in details with screen shots and links to videos.
You will equally find advance tips as far as blogging is concern.
You will read best ways to make money blogging
You will get some investments wise savings that will make you think out of the box.

This book is not only for bloggers, is of good help to anybody who wish to create his or her website without spending money and time.
After I learned from my mistakes, I created some blogs that are actually successful today. My blogs like MATRICAM,  CAMABOOM.
I also created to some client’s like
  • 99jagist
  • Phebnews
  • Lachenno

Take not that all these blogs I used only my android phone to create. I do not know anything like css and html codes. I have never attended any computer class since I was born. I learn all these online so you too can

If someone like me who have never set in any computer class can create a blog, then you can definitely do it to. You will not only create it yourself, you are going to make money from it. You can equally do better than I after reading this book.

Nowadays it’s very easy to create a blog in Cameroon or anywhere with just some few clicks. In short I can create your blog under three minutes and edit everything to look professional.

This explains why there are many bloggers and blogs in existence today in Cameroon and worldwide. Improvement in technology has made life very easy for us in 21st century. Nowadays anybody with an android phone and an internet connection can easily create a blog or study online.

With everything simplify for us, you can use just your android phone to create your own blog from scratch for free, no computer knowledge needed here.

To get the e-book, contact us.

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