How to get a mentor in Cameroon


How to get a good mentor in Cameroon.

Getting a mentor is one of the most important things you need to set up any of your business online or offline in Cameroon today. 

Many people usually take a mentor for a model which is wrong. To get a good mentor, you need to understand the difference between a mentor and Model.

Student in team meeting

Understanding a mentor and a model.

In my village, when a "witch" dies, the "chop chair" will also be a witch but they have to open his or her eyes to utilize the witchcraft well, if not He will not be considered a witch. 

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All of us have talents, you also need a mentor to make you utilize your talent well else you might be talented but still remain like an ordinary man.

Get mentors in anything you like to do.

There is a difference between a Mentor and a Model.

Here's the difference:

A mentor is someone who can direct you  financially, physically, Morally, Spiritually  to achieve what you have passion in.

A Model is someone you just like to be like him or her but you might not meet or get in touch with that person.

So, you need mentors and not models in your own domains.

Here's why you need a mentor not a model.

Mentoring circle

  • You can acquire special skills for free.

  • You can talk to him or her face to face.

  • What you will learn in a year , you can learn in a month.

  • Financial moral and  Spiritual support to achieve your goals.

This is where I can mentor you

Even if I can't do all these, I will link you to specialists .

  1. Targeted Facebook ads.

  2. Digital marketing.

  3. Network Marketing ( how to identify fake ones)

  4. Website Design and development ( cheap 5k  to 100k ) depending on type.

  5. Blogging.

  6. Creating and monitizing YouTube channels ( Artists take note).

  7. Blog consultant.

  8. Investment Advices.

From the discussion above, I hope you now understand why you need a mentor to set up any of your businesses online or offline.

The best way to easily succeed in anything you like to do is to get to those who are already there so that you will bypass the mistakes they do.

Thanks for reading.

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