9 ways University students can improve CV in Cameroon


9 ways University students can improve CV in Cameroon.

Four students studying in flaylay
Four students studying

Curriculum vitae ( CV) is one of the most important factors companies consider nowadays when doing job selection of any competitive exams in Cameroon and other Countries.

For example, after a competitive examination,, someone with a CV showing job experience in the job you want to take has a higher advantage of being selected than you that has never tried the job. 

Look this again, when I was a student, I used to advertise a bank and sent customers to create accounts in that bank, I sent about 20 of them when I was still in University. A small commission was given to me after each customer I sent created an account. My file is in that bank. 

Do you think if there's any recruitment and I happen to write with someone who has never done anything with the bank, will the other person be selected?

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Planning for your future is important. Graduate employment opportunities are extremely competitive.

More and more graduates are competing for the same jobs and schemes and even if you manage to secure a top degree from a leading university this may still not be enough to secure your perfect job.

However, there are still several things that you can do while you are at university to increase your prospects of success.

The 9 ways students can improve CV in Cameroon include:

  1. Having Digital and IT Skil.

  2. Understanding the industry.

  3. Extra curricular activities.

  4. Volunteering services.

  5. Blogging.

  6. Site jobs related to your field.

  7. Part time Jobs.

  8. Take Online Course.

  9. Create relationships with mentors or professionals.


Let's discuss the points above below.

1.Having Digital and IT Skil: Having Digital & IT skills will Help Improve Your CV

You may have heard that there is a shortage of digital skills. In today’s world knowing how to develop a website, upload content or manage customer relationship management systems is a bonus.

Today’s IT skills go much further than simply mastering Microsoft Office. If IT is not your strongest area, there are plenty of free courses online where you can teach yourself the basics.

These skills can be added to your CV to make you a stronger candidate.

2.Understanding the industry:Understand the industry Will Help Improve Your CV, here's how it can.

If you are entering an industry such as marketing, finance or law, for example, your employer will expect you to have some understanding of the latest developments or recent changes in the sector.

By reading trade magazines, following industry blogs and reading popular industry websites online you will enhance the level of knowledge that you have which you can take to interview and demonstrate to the employer.

When you write your CV, your knowledge of the industry will be evident in the words and phrases that you use or the skills that you highlight. By understanding the industry, you will also learn what skills are important to employers in your niche.

3. Extra-Curricular Activities:Extra-curricular activities will look great on your CV because of two major things. Number one, you’re showing that you like to take charge and take on new challenges.

Number two, you’re gaining valuable experience early on. It might be a sports club, a student committee or a mentoring program, but every activity gives additional worth to your CV.

4. Volunteer Activities: If you have little or no work experience, volunteering will give you a wealth of transferable skills to add to your CV.

Not only will volunteering provide you with some valuable life skills, such as meeting deadlines or planning your time effectively, but it may also just give your CV the extra push to edge ahead of the other candidates.

5. Blogging: Start a blog Is Great Way To Improve Your CV

Your blog is a great way to show your interests and expertise in a particular area. Whether you like blogging about legal topics, technology or beauty, this will be looked on favourably by your potential employers.

There have been lots of successful bloggers who have used their blog as a foundation on which to build their career. In addition, you could earn passive income from your blog. Setting up a blog nowadays is simple and free. I can help you get one. Click on contact let's chat.

6. Site jobs related to your field: Having Past Work Experience Will Help Improve Your CV

Countless businesses will offer students work experience opportunities so take advantage of them.

Not only will you learn an immense amount of information about the day to day operations of a business and planning your workload, but you will also be able to develop valuable experience in your industry.

Adding this to your CV also shows your commitment to the industry.

7. Part-Time Job:Most students have part-time jobs to support themselves, but they don’t add it to their CVs. Why not? It doesn’t matter where you work, as long as you are working.

Being a college student, that takes a part-time job shows that you’re willing to work hard and you’re demonstrating that you know what true values are.

 8. Take An Online Course: Four people sitting at computer terminals (depth of field/high key)

Online skills especially are cherished by companies these days. Whether you’ve taken a course on a foreign language, programming, design or you want to master your typing skills, it’s a great addition to your CV, as every company is going digital and they need an employee who is fast and up-to-date.

All of the above mentioned are actionable suggestions that any student around the world can do. It’s all about taking the time out to invest in your future right now. Take it to step by step, and your future self will take you for it.

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9. Create relationship with mentors and professionals in your field: Have a mentor not a model and  Networking with professionals in your field of study Is The Best Way To Improve Your CV in Cameroon.

Seek out events to meet other students or professionals. Attend social events around town or participate in local conferences or workshops.

Meeting new people is a great way to get your name out there and build connections. A recent study found 60% of all jobs are filled via networking. Get out there and start meeting people who matter to you.

Wrap up

The above ways to improve your CV as a student in Cameroon or abroad is not a guarantee that you already have a job, it will only help you facilitate the process of getting a job after graduation.

Some points above like blogging can equally turn you to a job Creator instead of Being a Job seeker.

Some companies can equally employ you after you did a good volunteering services with them.

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