How to prepare Pumpkin leaves and fufu


How to prepare Pumpkin leaves and fufu.

Pumpkin leaves are popularly consumed in many regions of Cameroon like Yaounde, Douala and Buea but it's a special dish from the Bangwa ( South west region of Cameroon) it's locally called "Abeih Ncheie")

Pumpkin leaves and fufu
Prepared Pumpkin leaves and Fufu

That's A meal from the bangwa tribe "Abeih Nchie"( fufu and pumpkin leaves) usually it's served with pounded cocoyam not water fufu, but you can still use water Fufu. Without much talk, get the ingredients below.


Pumpkin leaves.

Fresh pepper.

Salt and Maggi cubes.


Palm oil.

Smoked fish and crayfish.


Now you have all the Ingredients, let's go to the cooking method.

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Preparation method

Harvest and wash your pumpkin leaves, slice and put in boiling salted water alongside your fresh pepper.

Steer and leave it for 4-6 mins. This depends on you but let it not get too soft, remove quickly from water and press softly. ( Don't over drain the grain juice.

Then, grind your pepper with the right quantity of salt and maggi, and mix together with the vegetable in a bowl,

Slice your onion  apart then put it in slightly bleached palm oil and steer for a few seconds before putting your vegetables.

Steer for about 30 seconds and everything is ready.

Serve with Fufu and enjoy.


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