Math Quiz: What's 3-1×0 + 2÷2= ? Answer


Math Quiz: What's 3-1×0 + 2÷2= ? Answer
Math Quiz: What's 3-1×0 + 2÷2= ? Answer

3-1×0 + 2÷2= ? Answer

This 8 grade Math Quiz is one amongst many others trending on the internet.

The correct answer to the quiz is 4. I will show you full solving in this post. After publishing on Facebook page, many people have 1 as this answer but after my deep research with great mathematicians, I got the correct answer. Which is 4.

How to solve it

To solve this math quiz and get the correct answer, I will apply BODMAS.

BODMAS stands for Bracket, Order of operation, Division, Multiplication, Addition and subtraction.

Take note that Order of operation as used in the acronym above is applied after opening the bracket. So, since there's no bracket in the Quiz, You follow from Division to subtraction.

That's the 'O' in BODMAS doesn't stand for 'of' or multiply as someone might mistake it.

I will solve the quiz step by step.

Firstly, according to BODMAS, In this quiz I will start with Division. 

That's 2÷2=1

Secondly, -1×0 = 0.

Finally, 3+ 0 + 1 = 4.

Therefore the correct answer to the Math Quiz is 4.

Thanks for reading, if you have any 

questions, use the comment section.

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