Impacts of Television on youths in Cameroon


 Impacts of Television on youths in Cameroon

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If you look at the way some youths and teenagers in Cameroon and other African dress, likes for some things, act and even behave, you may wonder where these altitudes came from. The answer is here. About 60 of some unwanted behaviors of youths and teenagers today in Cameroon and most African countries are wrongly copied from the television. Television if well use may have positive impacts on youths but if not the consequences can be devastating. In this article, cameroonhowto will give you the influence and impacts of television on youths and teenagers in Cameroon.

Most Cameroonian Parents usually have a complaint that youths or teenagers spend much of their and even make it as a habit to always hang time around the television but the question here is how of you parents have ever follow the guide and advice (e.g. the movie you are about to watch is rated 13 or 18 your discretion is advised, never you try this at home etc) that TV stations always display when they are about to play a movie. As a parent, it’s your duty to control these youths or teenagers on how long they watch television. You may have questions about the impact of television on your children and youths. How much TV should youths watch every day? What kind of TV shows can be watched? If these are some of the questions you have, then this article is will answer these questions and so worth reading.

This article will examine the positive and negative effects of television on youths and how a parent can control them.

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We can agree that television is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, not buying a TV to keep in your house for youths and teenagers, does not guarantee that he/she will not be exposed to it. He/she can watch TV at school, at a friend’s house or any other place because you cannot follow them everywhere they go. It does not mean parents cannot control the influence of television on youths and teenagers. As a parent, parents can always decide the time youths spend on TV, the type of programs they watch etc.


Television is not bad. When exposed to the right shows or programs, youths and teenagers can learn good things. Research indicates that television can have some positive impacts on youths and teenagers. It can help them change their behavior and attitude for good. Here are some more ways in which TV can have a positive influence on youths. These include;

1.     Educational channels

2.     Entertainment television stations

3.     Sports

4.     Exposure to different cultures

5.     Inspiration

6.     Good morale

1. Educational channels

A few television channels are dedicated to creating educational and informative content for the audience, especially youths and teenagers. Sesame Street, for example, is one such program which is aimed at preschoolers. Unfortunately, there is no TV station in Cameroon that is base in education.

There are a few channels that broadcast only educational content covering subjects like art and craft, science, history, geography and math. TV is also a great medium that exposes youths and teenagers to different languages around the world.

In addition, if parent expose youths and teenagers to news channels, with a little guidance, will help them stay updated with the current affairs and names of significant people in the Cameroon, Africa and the world.

2. Entertainment television stations

TV is one of the primary sources of entertainment for youths and teenagers before social Medias. The sounds and colorful images on the screen appeal to children and also retain their attention. From movies to cartoon shows, there are several programs to keep youths and teenagers engaged.

However, make sure that the content is appropriate for your kids, based on their age and level of understanding. That is always follow the warning message there display about age limit before beginning a show or movie

3. Sports

One of the best way for parents to expose youths and teenagers to sports is through TV. Encourage them to watch different sports like football tennis, baseball and basketball, by co-viewing with them. Tell them about the gameplay, rules and other interesting facts about the sport. If they show interest in any, encourage them to play the game or sport. Most Cameroonian football stars according to the biographies use to watch football channels.

4. Exposure to different cultures

If you hear the way some Cameroonian youths and teenagers are talking about things abroad, you may thing they once travel there. Television lets you travel around the world without you ever having to step out of your home. It takes your child to different countries and educates them about various cultures in the world. With the right choice of programs, youths can learn about people and their traditions, lifestyles and attitudes.


Television channels and shows aimed at young youths and teenagers are not only educational but also inspiring. Educational TV programs encourage them to try new things. For example, a TV show about creative fun can inspire them to try something new with clay, paints or paper. Likewise, a documentary about famous scientists, artists and other public figures can also inspire them to do good deeds or achieve something big in life.

6 .Good morale

Have you wander why some Cameroonian youths and teenagers always show good morale, most of it is coming from TV. Television channels that show morale programs or even preach the word of God are the best for youths and teenagers.




Despite the many positive effects of TV, it affects youths and teenagers negatively as well. Unfortunately, the adverse effects seem to be detrimental on youths than the positive ones especially if it’s not control. Here are a few ways in which TV may badly influence youths in Cameroon;

1.     Curbs Physical Activity

2.     Impacts Social Development

3.     Affects Brain Development

4.     Exposure to bad things

5.     Likes in some particular goods

When youths and teenagers watch TV for too long all days, they may become addicted. Addiction to TV shows reduced the amount of physical activity in teenagers. Sometimes, they refuse to do anything else but watch TV all day. Inadequate proper physical activity and too much screen time can lead to vision problems.

Research has also indicated that there is a direct connection between TV time and obesity in teenagers

2. Impacts Social Development

When youths and teenagers glued to TV, they don’t seem to need company from friends again. Teenagers who watch a lot of TV do not have time to play or socialize with their friends.

Less or no interaction with peers can affect their social development. TV wind down the time they get to interact with other youths and teenagers in their social circle, which may affect their knowledge and understanding of social interactions and behavior.

3. Affects Brain Development

TV may be educational, but excessive watching could affect teenager’s brain development, according to studies. Teenage life is very important for brain development.

Researchers in Japan found that watching TV too much can alter the brain structure.

4. Exposure to bad things

It is very difficult for parents to control all what is shown on television. Early exposure to inappropriate content that has drugs, alcohol, and sex, could bring up bad thoughts and questions in teenagers, the answers to which may be too complicated for them to understand. The worst part is that early exposure can even give them a distorted view of these elements. This will affect them negatively.

The violence portrayed in a “positive” light in some movies and the like give them an idea that it is “okay” to be violent. So youths and teenagers watching movies based on superheroes may start believing that violence is not bad. For example the Nigerian movie titled “ISACABA” with scenes in it where people believe a bullet cannot penetrate their bodies if they rub a charm, watched widely in Cameroon and other countries may make youths and teenagers to think otherwise. It may even encourage violent and aggressive behavior in some youths and teenagers, which can be detrimental to their social development. In some youths and teenagers, this behavior may surface immediately while in some, it could come up during the later years.

5. Likes in some particular goods

One of the bad things teenagers copy from the television is the habit to consume all those things they see. The number of advertisement that a teenagers and youths sees on TV exposes them to a variety of brands and products that they may not need. Commercials encourage youths and teenagers to demand unhealthy foods, drinks and dresses. Teenagers begin to believe that fast food, ice creams, carbonated drinks and some particular dresses are good.

Parents become the victims of consumerism as they insist on buying something that they saw on TV. They are forced to spend money on things that their children want but do not need.


Parents have to take a stand when it comes to television. If you want to protect teenagers from the damaging effects of television, here is what you can do.

1. Choose the Right TV Shows

The first step is to figure out what shows are appropriate for teenagers. You will have to do some research to understand the content and the message that the show sends out to the audience. Do not pick a show just because it is for children. Keep in mind the following factors before you decide what to watch for kids:

The content of the show must be appropriate for youth’s age.

Pick shows with shorter duration. The longer they watch, the more the chances of them getting addicted.

Check the tone and pace of the show as you would not want them to watch an energetic show before going to bed.

Do not let them watch advertisement. Some youths and teenagers are naïve and commercials can be manipulative as their primary goal is to sell products by convincing their impressionable audience.

Encourage them to watch educational programs by watching them yourselves.

2. Limit TV Time for Youths and Teenagers

No television during mealtime. Do not allow your teenagers to watch TV while they are eating. Ensure that you have dinner together, if possible, at the dinner table with no TV in the background.

3. Remove TV from the bedroom

TV in bedrooms is a bad idea, especially for kids as prolonged exposure to screens can affect their sleeping habits.

TV is not a babysitter: It is common for parents to use the television as a babysitter when they want to do something without being disturbed by their kids. When you are busy, you may not be able to monitor what the kids are watching, and that can expose them to inappropriate content.

Television in the background: It is common to leave the TV turned on in the background when you are busy in the kitchen, doing the laundry or working from home. That will only draw the child’s attention to the idiot box. Do not switch on the TV unless you want to watch something.

Set TV time rules for school days: Chalk out specific TV times for kids for weekdays and weekends and stick to them. That will prevent them from watching too much TV on any given day.

4. Make It a Family Activity

Make watching TV a fun family activity, instead of a means to pass the time. That will discourage them to watch it when they are bored or alone at home.

5. Lock Channels which are not necessary to them.

It is possible for you to lock some channels which you think may not be good for youths and teenagers.


TELEVISION is a good tool today for youths in Cameroon especially when education is concerned but if the youths are not well guided, they will misuse it.

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