Network marketing in Cameroon: How to identify fake companies


Network marketing in Cameroon: How to identify fake companies

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Network marketing companies have been on a rise in Cameroon. Statistics have  shown that the number of Cameroonian youths joining network marketing businesses or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is on the rise. This spike comes as a result of " Corona virus" pandemic (Covid19)  since many people now seek for " work from home jobs".

Most of them have been scammed by joining fake network marketing companies, today I will give you some important tips on how to identify fake network marketing companies just within seconds. Before I do that, I will first explain network marketing or MLM to you.

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What's Network marketing?

Network marketing is simply selling a company's product and earning a commission per sale.

There are some network marketing companies that have attached some other forms of compensation to those selling their products. Also note that network marketing company is different from pyramid schemes

How to identify a fake network marketing company within  seconds in Cameroon.

How to identify  a fake network marketing company in Cameroon.

  • First check all the legal documents of the company by asking the leader or some official person from that company when you are in the seminar.

  • Understanding the business: The first thing you need to identify a fake marketing company is to understand it first. For example if someone introduced you to a network marketing company and you don't understand it within 30 minutes, it means it is surely fake. Let's take this case study of Teksglobal Ltd. I will explain it to you and if you don't understand it, it means you will make a decision if it's fake or not. Let's go!

For me to explain, I will share this message a friend sent to me, I can say I understood the SMS. Check it and make your decision. "Don't be scammed

Get this best secret.

If you take more than 30munities to understand any network marketing business or online job, know that it is a scam .

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About Teksglobal Value chain and services

It is a Cameroon based first agricultural MLM company.

Headquarters in Buea South West Region.

In Teksglobal, 

you Register one time registration of 75000frs If you are in Cameroon.

 Invest 100000frs and earn 16000frs monthly, etc. see picture

Teksglobal Value chain investment plan

 You refer any new member, you earn 15000frs.

That's all.

If you don't understand this under 30 minutes, don't join

Invest now and gain financial freedom."

From this you judge.

  • The value of products of the company: If the value  of the product is less than the price by ( Value = 20% , Price= 60%) , know that the company is somehow not valid. Let me explain. If you used to buy a product for 10,000frs and a network marketing company is marketing that same product for 20,000frs, you have to rethink.

  • No products at all: If the company is mostly services oriented, measure the services in terms of value. If their services are not of good value to you or to the society, know that the company is questionable.

  • Understand how the company is earning money. What is the product of the company.

  • Qualities of a best product:

-High quality-

-Re-usable again-n-again.

-People have trust in the product.

  • When you are attending the seminar, look and observe at the people. Is they talking about profit all the time and the staff is talking about profit all the time. Must avoid!

  • Also  check the payment schedule. When the company is releasing the payments. Is the company paying on monthly basis or quarterly basis or yearly basis.

  • Research about the company profile online.


There are fake and legit network marketing companies that you can actually join and earn out of it but you have to be more skeptical before joining any. You also need to understand that to make money joining any network marketing or working online needs hard work.

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