Five tips to succeed in Network Marketing in Cameroon


Five tips to succeed in Network Marketing in Cameroon today

How to succeed in Network Marketing business

Let me quickly explain the basics of network marketing to you. Let's say you go to a store, buy nice shoes, your friends see you and ask "where did you buy these nice shoes?" You direct her to the shop, he or she goes and buys her own shoes.   This is the foundation of all network marketing companies. That's network marketing without Payment. 

The difference here is that with network marketing, if you direct your friend and he or she buys, the shop owner pays you part of the money. 

Most of us get into Network Marketing with the wrong expectations. We sign up and kick back and expect the entire thing to run on autopilot forgetting that this is actually netWORK marketing and after a few months, we blame the up-line for our woes.  In order to succeed in it, we need to be persistent and work constantly on ourselves in order to improve our skills.

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Here are some tips on how to succeed in network marketing in Cameroon today

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1) Have your goals set out on paper 

What do you want to achieve? Why have you joined this particular company? Where do you see yourself in the next few months? These are questions that should come into play. Pen down your goals and create a vision board on which you can pin it. Place your board in a visible place, preferably your bedroom, and make sure you look at it every day.

2) Have a plan for execution 

A goal without a plan is just a dream. It’s crucial to have a strategy for bringing your goals to fruition. You will also need to write this down and be specific about it.  Say your goal is to sign up 30 reps in a week, you need to determine how many people you need to show your business to and how many presentations you need to do in order to meet your target.

3) Focus on income producing activities 

Network marketing is a people business therefore you have to develop your interpersonal skills and learn how to build rapport and relationships with people. This is really important because when there’s interaction, people start to warm up to you and become interested in what you have to offer.  You have to show your business to more people daily through home parties, one-on-one or group presentations, etc. 

4) Whatever you do, don’t spam

Do not send unsolicited messages to people about your company’s opportunity, products or services. This can be very annoying and will actually repel prospective downlines and customers.  A better approach would be to create curiosity about what you do which will get people reaching out to you to find out more about what you do.

5) Teach your downlines to duplicate 

As you proceed with your business you must have acquired skills that have enabled you grow as a network marketer. You find out that you have been able to set and crush most of your set goals.  As a leader the next step to take is to teach your downlines to do what you did to attain some growth in your business. This is really important because if you successfully pass this on, then you’ll experience a huge growth spurt in your business.  This can be done through organizing trainings and sizzle sessions. Try as much as you can to be there for them and lend your support in the best way you can.

6) Conclusion

The short conclusion is that take network marketing Business as any other business

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