Pineapples, glass and bottle of wine
Pineapples, glass and bottle of wine

Hi, in today's lesson we are going to look at how to make pineapple wine.
No  time to waste, let's get started.

1  Get healthy and ripe pineapples
2 Get some lemon juice
3 Get a Parker or sachet of yeast
4 Get any sugar or raisins 1/2 the gramage of pineapple.
5 water
6 blender.


Nb,all things used must be sterilized.
Wash the pineapple well and peel.
Blend to extract the juice
Strain in a clean cloth or strainer to extract all the juice,
Boil in a low temperature for about ten minutes
 Add a sachet of yeast or packet for any quantity above five litters.
Store it and add the sugar or honey or raisins to start up fermentation.
Add some lemon juice in to it to prevent decay or rottenness.
 Put in a tight bottle and store in a dark place with a normal room temperature.
After 3 days, release the air tight to reduce fermentation.
Close it back after one hour to continue so that pasteurisation takes place.
After two weeks,fermentation process is completed and you can still filter it for consumption...

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NB,During this fermentation process, opened the container with extreme caution as content can all spill out.

Enjoy your wine and invite your friends.

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