How to prepare Onion sauce and white rice

How to prepare Onion sauce and white rice

White rice Onion sauce with Chicken in plates
White rice Onion sauce with Chicken in plates

This special Onion sauce recipe is simple to prepare if you use the ingredients and follow the procedure below. I want you to understand that it's Onion sauce and not tomato sauce. You are going to serve it with boiled rice.

Ingredients for Onion sauce

10 big onions ( grind)
5 big onions ( slice them)
3 tomatoes ( slice)
Green spices and green pepper
white pepper
Garlic and fresh pepper
Vegetable oil


Remember there are three things to prepare here, that's to boil chicken, boil rice and finally prepare Onion sauce.

First clean and boil chicken and keep aside.

Secondly, boil your rice and keep aside. Choose your quantity of rice.

Thirdly, prepare Onion sauce.

Procedure to prepare Onion sauce

Put  pot on the fire 

Pour vegetables oil in the pot

Fry the small tomatoes

Add grind onion and let it fry for some 10 minutes

Add all the other slice spices and let it cook like 5 minutes then

Add chicken taste if  it's ok and bring down the pot from fireside

Serve with your boiled rice and enjoy.

From the above write up, I believe you can now prepare Onion sauce and rice with no stress.

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