Which number is missing picture Puzzle answer


Which number is missing picture Puzzle answer

Welcome to www.cameroonhowto.com, your Education, business and how-to site. Today I will give you a simple answer to the " which number is missing" picture Puzzle. The eye test Math picture riddle is trending online today especially on social media. Many people are sharing their own opinions about this puzzle.

The Puzzle is probably set to test if you are patient in reading. That's why many people fail it because they count and skip some lines.

Which number is missing picture Puzzle answer

The correct answer to which number is missing eye test picture Puzzle would be 33 and 88, zero is not included. Find out more below.

Many people like Solving eye test Math picture puzzles to relax themselves. Be sure to share this one to test your friends, family members and loved ones.


The simple way to answer this picture Puzzle eye test is to start counting the  numbers patiently. If you count carefully, you will discover that 33 and 88 are not  included.

So the correct answer is 33 and 88.

If it was from one to nine, you will assume 0 is missing since it's also a mathematical number and probably the setter wants us to know that Zero is also a number.

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