Answer:10+10-0×10×2 = ? Math Quiz

Answer:10+10-0×10×2 = ? Math Quiz 

10+10-0×10×2 =
10+10-0×10×2 =

The '10+10-0×10×2 = ?' Math Quiz is trending online today and making many people scratching their heads to get the correct answer 

Out of about 100 people who answered this Quiz on our Facebook page, Only  about 9%  had it correct. Today I will solve the tricky math quiz for you. To solve this kind of Math Quizzes,you need to apply BODMAS.

What's 10+10-0×10×2 = ?

The correct answer to 10+10-0×10×2 =  would be 20  Not 40 or 400. Get detailed solving below.


10+10-0×10×2 = ? 

I will apply BODMAS to solve it

According to BODMAS, I will first solve Multiplication.

That's -0×10×2 = -0. Remember that negative is attached to zero.

Secondly I will solve Addition.

10 + 10 = 20

Therefore the correct answer is 20.

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