How to secure Facebook account from hackers (step by step)


How to secure Facebook account from hackers (step by step)

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Have you noticed that there is a notification asking you to turn on Facebook Protect before October 30, 2021?

If yes, then you are on the right page. What does it mean to turn on Facebook Protect?

Many people have lost their accounts because they did not have tighter security, leading to an easy hacking of their accounts. Today I will take you through the process step by step.

How to secure Facebook account from hackers(step by step)

1) Log into your account and scroll down until you see the option Settings and Privacy. ( click it)

2) You will see the Settings option after clicking the Settings and Privacy ( Click Settings)

3) This will take you to Password and Security ( click it)

4) You will see a modicum of choice below that but the best is to set ON the Two- Factor Authentication (  click it)

5) You will see three choices to use , always take the recommended one( Google authentication generator or code) Some people will prefer using SMS.

6) When you are done with the inputs , come back now to password and security and check if everything is good. ( as shown on picture 6)

You can always come back to check your account if there are security issues, this keeps you safe. 

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