6 tips on how to pass Cameroon GCE French language paper


6 tips on how to pass Cameroon GCE French language paper

how to pass Cameroon GCE French language paper

how to pass Cameroon GCE French language paper

To succeed in this French language paper both at the Cameroon GCE ordinary and advanced level is as easy as ABC but also like a nightmare to some students

 French language is a compulsory subject at the Cameroon GCE Board examination. Students must register, write and get a certain percentage score before their other subjects will be validated.Today I will give you these six tips on how to prepare and pass French language and the Cameroon GCE Board examination.

6 tips to help you pass Cameroon GCE French  language paper 

Six tips include:

    • Make the subject important

  • Use different teaching methods

  • Practice French language Culture

  • Think in French

  • Get use to your French language teachers

  • Study Daily not weekly

Get explanation below

1. Make the subject important: 

The first error many students make is giving less time to some subjects with possible reasons being that the subject is easier to pass or too difficult to pass.

It's necessary to make every subject equal if you wish to make it with Good grades.

2. Use different teaching methods: Variety of methods are reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Each of us has a personal and different way of learning.

Some of us love to listen and rehearse. They remember everything they have heard very easily.

Others prefer to write and rewrite their lessons, so that the written word becomes imprinted in their heads.

Still others like to read books, magazines, blogs and learn a lot of new vocabulary just like that.

But the most important thing for everyone is to talk! Without the oral practice of the French language, you can’t progress.

3. Practice French language

Knowing the language is one thing, knowing the culture is another.

And it is often said that to understand a language, you must also understand the culture.

This is why it is really a plus for your A Level exam to know some parts of French culture, related to your theme.

How easy is it to learn about French culture?

There are several possibilities:

watching French films or series, it allows you to discover the specificities of French life.

read masterpieces by French authors

to take French courses with native French people, who will speak to you naturally about our culture.

4. Think in French

 Do not translate from English to French, try to think in French.

Easier said than done because we all tend to do this: we think in our own language and then we try to translate into French.

But this technique leads to several mistakes:

the synthax of the sentence in French will be wrong, because it is very different from the English or German synthax.

Beware of false friends (faux-amis),  many words seem to be the same in French and English but in reality their meaning is completely different.

beware of the agreements, there are many agreements in gender and number in French that are not found in English.

5. Get use to your French language teachers: Practise speaking with a French teacher

As we said in Tip number 3, the most important is to practise your oral French.

And this is often the most difficult thing to do. Whether it is in your school, because there are a lot of students and therefore it is difficult to speak. Or with your friends, because you will always prefer to speak in your native language.

This is why a stay in immersion in France is the best way to practice your speaking.

You can equally join our WhatsApp group to Learn keys to succeed in any examination or get this eBook entitled " Key to succeed in any examination with A Grades". 

6. Study Daily not weekly:

 Study 10 minutes a day rather than 1 hour a week

Consistency is the key.

You learn much better and retain a language much more easily if you practise it daily.

Even if it is only 10 minutes a day.

So what can you do during those 10 minutes a day?

Read books, speak French language or engage in any French language related activities.


Applying the points above can help you make it in French language paper at the Cameroon GCE Board examination. This can equally be applied to any other subjects.

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