20 side hustle/jobs you can start online/offline in Cameroon in 2022


20 side hustle/jobs you can start online/offline in Cameroon in 2022

20 side hustle/jobs you can start online/offline in Cameroon in 2022
20 side hustle/jobs you can start online/offline in Cameroon in 2022

There's a lot of noise online from online entrepreneurs saying they quit their jobs and focus on side hustles, I will not advise you to do that because only you know your status and how to leverage your job and side hustle.

Today I am going to share with you some 20 best online/offline hustles/jobs you can do alongside your main job in 2022. But before I get started, What's a side hustle?

What's a side hustle

A side hustle is something you can do alongside your job or your business. You don't need a soothsayer to tell you to start working on a side hustle in the coming year especially if you live in Cameroon .

So I have put together 20 best side hustles that you can start even with zero capital (not having money is not an excuse as long as you have a smartphone). It's important to note that you can still take side hustles below as your full time jobs because if you work with a good mentor like me, you will start earning money in less than no time.

online and offline side hustle/jobs you can start in Cameroon in 2022

  1. Blogging

  2. Graphics designer

  3. Dropshipping

  4. Dropservicing

  5. Affiliate marketing

  6. Network marketing

  7. Copywriting

  8. Become a Facebook /Instagram/Google /Twitter or YouTube ads expert.

  9. Video editing

  10. Photo Editing.

  11. eBook Writing

  12. Become a Coach

  13. Become a Vloger

  14. Websites development

  15. Start Upwork

  16. Email Marketing expert

  17. Become a personal shopper

  18. Become an influencer

  19. Sell healthy juices

  20. Start a food business

1.Blogging: This is writing Quality evergreen articles about a particular topic or niche and publishing on your website or blog. You can then monitize your Blog with Adsense, Affiliate products and more.

Blogging is the best because it covers almost all the other side hustles. To start a blog in Cameroon and make money Blogging in Cameroon is simple and cheap today. 

Also read how to create a blog for free in Cameroon

2.Graphics designing:

3. Dropshipping : dropshipping simply means that you advertise goods you don't have in stock but you have the contact of someone who has the stock. You add your own profit when advertising it and when people place order. You pay the original owner of the goods and deliver to your customers. Guess what, the customer doesn't even have to know that you are a dropshippers. Just make arrangements with the owner and advertise ruggedly. You can dropship any goods of your choice like clothes, jewelry, bags, electronics, foodstuffs, hairs and so on. Just find something you love!

4. Drop Servicing: unlike dropshipping that involves physical products, drop servicing has to do with services. Look for services that people are good in like Graphics designing, video editing, web design, content writing, ghost writing etc and market it like you are the person doing it, add your own profit and when clients pay you, you outsource the service, pay the person who does it and deliver to your client like you did it 

5. Affiliate marketing : this is when you market a digital product for someone else and earn commissions. Someone has already created a digital product which can be courses, webinar, membership, e books and so on. All you do is to register to be an affiliate marketer and help them sell their digital products and you can earn commissions directly paid into your account.

6. Network marketing : register and become a partner with any network marketing company of your choice, build a team who uses the same product like you and earn commissions from their purchases directly into your bank account.

7. Copywriting : listen as long as selling online is concerned, you sell by how well you write, some people don't know how to write, you can earn money helping people to write their social media post, sales post, advert post and so on and get paid.

8. Become a Facebook /Instagram/Google/Bing /Twitter or YouTube ads expert: learn how to run ads like a pro and solve ads issues. Trust me I teach sponsored ads and a lot of people don't understand jack about these things. Learn it and offer it as service to business owners and see how much you will be cashing out. It's important to note that Facebook ads take just a few hours to learn but if you don't know the tricks, you are going to lose money. Be sure to contact us.

9. Video editing : for the 2022 market, videos will be taking the lead, especially tiktok, learning how to edit video that will captivate people. Business owners can shoot videos and send them to you and you help them edit it and get paid.

10 Photo editing: you can learn how to edit products, photos or even pictures. The truth is people are moved by what they see online, you can edit products pictures for business owners or edit photos for people and get paid.

11 eBook Writing : you can put down your experience into a book and sell them either as e copies or hard copies. The good thing is that there are lots of writing services, there are even ghost writers who can help you write your book, just tell them the idea and they will pen it down for you 

12. Become a Coach: do you have something or a skill you know so well that you can teach others? Then package your knowledge into an online course and start selling . The knowledge industry is currently exploding, just find your own niche and dominate it

13. Become a Vloger: Start a YouTube channel : you can also sell what you know or share your day to day activities on YouTube. Find an area you have passion for and start creating interesting video content to share on YouTube. It can be food, lifestyle, celebrity gossip, music, entertainment, talk shows, fashion. Just anything you love doing.

14 . Become a website developer or landing page designer: Learn how to design a one page website or a landing page or even design a website for business owners. Charge based on the capacity of the website.

15. Start an Upwork : you can become a freelancer and apply for remote jobs abroad and get paid in dollars.

16. Become an email marketing manager : do you know a lot of people have email list but don't have time to send regular emails to their list, just like you can help manage business pages, you can also help people manage their email list by creating mails for them weekly or biweekly and get paid according to their numbers of subscribers.

17. Become a personal shopper: some people are so busy that they don't have time to shop. You can become a personal shopper, shop what they need majorly for foodstuffs and charge them about 10% of the total cost and deliver to their doorstep.

18. Become an influencer : you don't need thousands of followers to become a social media influencer, as long as you have people who trust and believe you online, you can help people market their business on your page and charge them for it.

19. Sell healthy juices: everyone is trying to eat healthy and clean now. You can start making healthy cold pressed fruit juice and sell them in your location.

20. Start a food business : if you have passion for cooking, you can cook stews, soups and other delicacies in your home and sell them in liters. Some busy bachelors or even married people can order from you, keep in their fridge and eat it within the week. You can cook during the weekends


Once more the top 20 side hustle and Jones you can start in 2022 include:

  • Blogging

  • Graphics designer

  • Dropshipping

  • Dropservicing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Network marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Become a Facebook /Instagram/Google /Twitter or YouTube ads expert.

  • Video editing

  • Photo Editing.

  • eBook Writing

  • Become a Coach

  • Become a Vloger

  • Websites development

  • Start Upwork

  • Email Marketing expert

  • Become a personal shopper

  • Become an influencer

  • Sell healthy juices

  • Start a food business

If you are looking to start with any of the above, contact us or or comment. I will try my best to answer you.

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