How to open a cafeteria store with 100,000 frs and earn 5,000frs every day


How to open a cafeteria Resto with 100,000 frs and earn 5,000frs every day

How to open a cafeteria store with 100,000 frs and earn 5,000frs every day
Evy Fries Cafeteria Bamenda

Many people hardly analyze these small business ideas to see the gains they can make from it which are even greater than some other jobs. Today I share with you 

How to open a cafeteria store with 100,000 frs and earn 3 to 5,000frs every day before 11am.

To open this small business, you need just the;

  • human resources

  • financial resources,

  • Material resources, and 

  • location.

When you are ready with the above, head over to the market with a scale of preference ( list of goods you need to stop). The simple list can be found below.

List of prices and iterms to open Cafeteria restaurant

  1.  A gas cylinder (bottle).  25,000 f

  2.  gas hob(plate)and accessories 15,000 f

  3.  A small pot.  2500 f

  4.  10 breakable dishes.  3500 f

  5.  5 cups of coffee.  2500 f

  6.  A dozen forks.  2000 f

  7.  A wooden table.  5000 f

  8.  A tablecloth.  1000 f

  9.  2 small basins.  2000 f

  10.  2 transparent buckets.  2000 f

  11.  6 Teaspoons.  1500 f

  12.  Beans 5000 f

  13.  Pasta.  3000 f

  14.  3 egg trays.  6000 f

  15.  3 tins of milk.  3500 f

  16.  Mayonnaise box.  2000 f

  17.  Tins of butter.  2000 f

  18.  Sponge, knife ... 1500 f

  19.  Transport.  1000 f

  20.  A tin of coffee and cocoa powder.  3000 f

  21.  Condiments.  3000 f

  22.  20 loaves of bread.  2000 f

  23.  Contingencies (unforeseen).  5000 

                                    Total: 99,000 FCFA.

 How to start the business 

 You go to a busy crossroads, you target a bar or a corner sheltered from the elements, you discuss and beg the owner, then you settle in.

 Your beans you prepare the night before for frying in the morning.  You cook the pasta on the spot and off you go.

 Every day, you make Daily contribution of 2,500 francs  with any Valid Credit union and you will be able to save 60,000 FCFA each month.

 To be successful, you have to dress neatly before going out, keep a smile, a good awl(odor), body property, a very clean counter, and no credit.  Determination and courage are your best friends.

 In a year, you can already have the money to start a bigger business.  

Note that you also win by eating one dish per day. You need not search for another breakfast.

Original Article from Hustle Gang

 Good luck.

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