Lion Goat and yam riddle answer


Lion Goat and yam riddle answer 

As old as this Lion Goat and yam Riddle is, it's trending Online today and many people are getting the wrong answers. Check the riddle below and answer.


You want to cross the river with a lion, yam and goat,

You are to carry them one after the other.

Note: The Lion eats the goat if you are not around and the Goat eats the yam if you are not around.

Explain how you will Cross the river.

Here's the Correct answer to lion Goat Yam riddle

  • Take the Goat and cross first

  • Take the Lion and cross, keep over and cross back with the goat

  • Take the yam over 

  • Take the Goat over.

That's all.

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