12 easy free ways to make money online as a Christian in Africa Cameroon


12 easy free ways  to make money online as a Christian in Africa Cameroon

Statistics show that many Christians in Cameroon, Nigeria and Africa as a whole are living a porverty life. Many people even regard  some as lazy people. This is not because they lack the skills to make money online but they lack Appropriate Orientation. Today I will share with you 12 ways you can easily work money online as a Christian in Cameroon Africa While serving God. Good is is that you can do all these with your smartphone

12 easy free ways  to make money online as a Christian in Africa Cameroon

make money online as a Christian in Africa Cameroon free

Below are 12 easy ways Christians Can make money online in Cameroon/Africa

I will share you the skills and also where you can learn some from mentors 

  1. Logo Design

  2. Graphics Design( flyers etc)

  3. Video editing

  4. Website Design

  5. Facebook and IG ads

  6. Social Media Management

  7. Social Media Marketing

  8. Affiliate Marketing

  9. Drop Shipping

  10. Online Music Business

  11. Vlogging

  12. Blogging

1, Logo Design

A logo is what represents an organization or a brand. A good logo should capture the core values of that organization. Color combination Also matters when making a logo.

Tools to design a logo include:

An Android phone or a Computer

Software or mobile apps like Canva and Pixy lap.

How to make money doing Logos

If you already know how to design logos,

Do samples, contact institutions that might need it, that's churches etc, Promote your logo business using all promotion strategies to get clients.

What's the price of a logo in Cameroon?

The price of a logo in Cameroon

Rangers from 5000frs to 20000frs

2, Graphics Design( flyers etc)

Graphics Designing is almost the same as Logo Designing. The only difference is that Graphics Designing includes logo design, flyers, business cards, Adverts cards etc.

How much do You make from Graphics Designing?

You can make close to 50000 to 500000 monthly depending on yours skills and experience and marketing

Graphic design in Cameroon
Graphic design

3, Video editing

This is a skill that Many Christians can use to make money online. Editing church videos is a job on its own, if you are editing and publishing on YouTube, Facebook etc, you can monetize them.

4, Website Design

Many churches and companies are moving online today rapidly.

Learn how to create and manage these websites.

To create a website in Cameroon can cost between 30k to 500k depending on the type.

Book a class with us to learn how to create website in few months

Website designer in Cameroon
Web Design

5, Facebook and IG ads

The church needs to grow, the message of God needs to go far.

One of the best ways today to make the message go far is to boost post on Facebook IG etc.

You need to learn how to boost your Facebook page etc. When you master this skill, Many people can now hire to boost their pages.

You can equally use Facebook ads to promote your business to many clients

Main ways to make money with Facebook ads.

  • Selling your own products and services

  • Monetizing the service

  • Running Facebook ads for clients to pay you

Learn Facebook page boosting in Cameroon
Facebook ads

6,Social Media Management

Social Media Management is Managing any business on social media to make it get more clients. You can learn social media management skills. After Mastering the skills,  you can manage a church social media Channels like Facebook, YouTube Twitter etc and get paid.

Social Media Management is one of the most lucrative skills today. 

Where do I learn social media management?

You can learn online on YouTube or Book a Bless with Us.

7, Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is making sure a company's products and services reach more potential customers using all social media Channels and social media promotion strategies.

This is one of the most important skills to learn in the 21st century. When you Master this skill, companies will hire you to promote their services.

Where do I learn social media marketing in Cameroon?

You can learn from YouTube or Book a class with us.

How much can I make From social media marketing?

Depending on the value you can bring to the company, you can get 50000k to 400000k monthly.

8,Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling people's goods and services online or physically and getting a commission. You can research any  fast turnover goods and services, contact the wholesaler, get the goods and make your gains. Many people are already Enjoying this with the shoes and dress business.

How Affiliate works
Affiliate Marketing

9,Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is almost the same as Affiliate Marketing, the small difference is that you only negotiate price with the buyer and seller and get your commission in the afternoon when the goods and services are delivered.

10, Online Music Business

Singing is one of the ways to make money online as a Christian. If you sing good music, you can make money from it as Christian in many ways such as streaming platforms, booking, selling merchandise etc.


Vlogging is the process of recording video and publishing online. 

Choose your gospel niche market that God has blessed you with like Preaching, praying, counseling, singing, dancing, acting, Godly Comedy etc.

You can use your website, YouTube, Facebook page etc and monetize it with Affiliate, AdSense, brand collaboration, Support etc.

12, Blogging

Blogging is the last point but it's the most important point as far as Marketing money online as a Christian is concerned. 

Blogging is simply writing Articles in an organized manner and Publishing on a website. 

When you start getting many visitors, you can monetize your website with Affiliate, AdSense etc.

As a Blogger, you have to master almost all of the skills above.

To start a blog in Cameroon today is easier and cheaper. You only need to create a website or hire someone to create it for you for about 30k lowest price, select a Gospel topic you want to be writing about, start writing and publishing and that's all.

To get a good mentor or learn Blogging in Cameroon, book a Class with us

Start a blog in Cameroon


If you don't yet know any of the skills above, as a Christian, you have to be determined to learn.

Most of the skills above are always the same but in order to create value, it's good to master one of them at a time. Also choose your best and focus on.

Thanks for reading, please help me and share this article to your Failure Christians.

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