Is Religion the worst thing that happened to Africa?


Is Religion  the worst thing that happened to Africa?

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 "Religion is the worst thing that happened to Africa, Africans are brainwashed, let's Emancipate ourselves from Mental Slavery White Man brought religion with secret Agenda" etc are sentences few People( African) are using today to poor out their frustration about less development of this Countries.

Is religion the Cause of poverty in Africa?

I have seen Many people, particularly the youths Pointing their fingers at religion for being the cause of stagnation in development and growth in some African Countries.

Today I tell you with facts, Religion will never be the cause of stagnation in the development of any Country.

It's not even politicians, The Church or lack of resources.

There are only Two Causes

1, You, laziness to read, study and implement

2, Education

I'm not sure you will even read this to the end 

Let's start with you, laziness to read, study and implement.

What have you done to develop your own family, Village, local community,  Country before talking about  Africa?

What positive change and ideas have you brought to people around you?

The first thing we need to do is to develop our local communities by supporting one another, loving our brothers and sisters, and working together as one. Is this not what Religion is teaching you? Big yes. Except you are reading a different Bible.

2, Education,

God blessed everyone on Earth with skills to do many things.

Going to school is to  add value to your skills so as to be Excellent in anything you are doing. Does the Bible or Church say we should not go to school? Big no.

Some African traditions in those days even restricted school for the girl child. 


The more you improve on your skill the higher you do things well but see us.

When we go to school, we are not serious, we cheat, we play life in school etc

We don't want to study, we force ourselves to the top and at the end we cannot do anything with degrees. Does the Church or religion support the above? Big no

That's why you will see Many degree holders in Banking, economy, Accounting, management who cannot draw a business plan or even prepare a balance sheet.

Many degree holders in Agric who cannot Cultivate simple Vegetables.

Many degrees holders in Science who cannot produce A bulb, Detergents etc

Many degrees holders in Biology who cannot operate a fawl,

Engineers who cannot make a wheel,

Just to name a few.

You like easy things, Many of you were running from Math, Bio, Chem in short Science and you expect to grow.

You study your history, literature, English, Sociology and Anthropology, Philosophy, Politics etc and when you are frustrated, you start using that knowledge to attack Religion, the church and God with  limited facts. 

Hahahaha some people who used to run from science are now Experts in skin care products, Detergent mixing etc. Good though.

Now When other countries study the above, focus on it, implement it and it works like magic you start blaming your laziness on them. Who told you other countries don't practice religion?

Were our Ancestors not worshiping gods? When other countries were developing why did they not develop their gods and religion then export to other Countries?

They were busy looking for easy ways to make money ( selling their own brothers for Money, even today).

Let's reason something! Let's say we are a family, someone I don't know came and offered me whisky or money to catch my brother and sell  and I did it. Who's more wicked? Has the Bible not told you to be your brother's keeper?

When a Man of God studies the Bible, focuses on it, implements it and it works like magic you start criticizing up and down.

When a Local man who has never gone to school, focuses on business, implements it and succeeds, you start saying it's "Ngongo" etc. 

When a mechanic who has never Gone to school works on their skills and is prosperous you start criticizing.

Look around you, Most Rich and wealthy people didn't even go to school, you that went to school needs to even do it better than them.

Your Parents built many houses, acquired many Assets via their hard work and  Seriousness. You, instead of growing and multiplying it, you are selling everything squandering the money.

Also check all those who our Parents in the past considered the doll ones and send them to technical schools, they're doing perfectly well because they do more of Practical work.

How to solve these problems.

You: Look around you and provide solutions to any problem, work on your skills so that when they are named top best doctors, Engineers, Digital Marketers etc in the world, you are amongst them. Money will automatically come.


We are confused with many skills, in Fact God blesses us with many skills.

That's why a graduate in Biology will abandon it and then make money online after focusing on a digital skill for few months

A graduate in Economics will abandon it, practice how to mix rubbing oil for a few months  and make money out of it.

Many of us have been mixing up things here and there, that's why you see Degrees holders in Banking, marketing, Accounting, management Biology, technology, Chemistry, Math, physics etc who might have cheated in exams and cannot do anything practically criticizing men of God when they don't know anything about the Bible.


What Can you learn from above?

Your skills that you focus on and perfect for just a few months can change your life.

Imagine you started Primary as a doctor and studied this field up to the university seriously, you would have been doing a super excellent job when doctor work is consent.

If we must change, we must be more serious in studying and implementing what they taught us. How can we do This?

Proper Orientation, Technical Schools, Focus, Study, Practice and implementation are the solutions.

Schools where they train you based on your skills God has given you.

Focuses you on doing what can develop you and your country in all aspects of life

Remember they're many Technical schools in Cameroon, so don't even think of blaming anyone, blame yourself.

I, Writing here, can build a website in less than 30 minutes and I learn this only on YouTube. Anything you want to learn is free on YouTube. I repeat stop blaming people.

I am  recommendation you to this newly Created School that will transform your children, you, your community and the Country.



How many of you who pass via school are implementing or doing what they taught you in school to develop your community or  Country?

God didn't give you all the skills, To develop your Country, you need serious people in all works of life starting from God fearing people.

Challenge to those who are against the Church! 

If you know your Religion, I mean African tradition, Particularly that of your village, is the best and we can use it to develop Africa, implement it in your family exactly the way our fathers used to do, or build Churches and start teaching the god Tradition, then show me Statistics on how your Family and village is developing, I will Join you.

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