Delly Singeh schools Cameroon Christians for not honoring their Men of God


Delly Singeh schools Cameroon Christians for not honoring their Men of God

Social Media influence Delly Sengeh Advices Cameroon Christians to honor their home Men of God.

(Our 3rd Colonial Masters at play)

I've noticed this low self-esteem even in Churches.
If a Cameroonian Pastor or Prophet has not gone to Nigeria for hands to be laid on him, he doesn't feel anointed anymore. 

If a Cameroonian Pastor/Prophet organises a crusade and doesn't use a Nigerian prophet as main speaker, Cameroonians will not turn up.
Come and see crowd when he's from Nigerian or Ghana.

We have Founding Fathers/Pioneers in the Gospel too. Yet, we dispise them and run to call Foreigners MENTOR, MY SPIRITUAL AUTHORYTY. Mentor who has NEVER visited your church. Even when you call your supposed mentor, you need to introduce yourself for like 5minutes before he recognises you (that is if he ends up recognising you sef)😅 

You want to feel authenticated via a FOREIGN Mentor because the "slavery in you" has made you despise your own. I DONT WANT TO MENTION THE HUGE HONORARIES. They will project Foreigners on bill boards and our local Pastors will be put at one corner of the flyer. Ask them which of them has EVER had 5mins preaching on a major Nigerian pulpit. MY BIG LAUGH!

We believe more in Nigeria than ours.
We support them more than ours.
We want to identify with them more. Sadly so. 
We forget, if they were to be as "beggarly", we wouldn't find them attractive. THINK!

Yes, Nigerians surpass us with a lot.
Their place dey and we cannot take it from them.
However, if we cannot begin to valorise our own, NO ONE will ever see us as serious. We will never even get anywhere unfortunately.
I don't know much about the religious side of our French brothers but I'm almost certain they don't do such nonsengse.  CAMEROONIANS WAKE UP!

Source: Delly Sengeh

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