How to succeed in Cameroon GCE O level


How to succeed in Cameroon GCE O level

Success comes to everyone who chooses to work hard to obtain what he wants to achieve. In life we want to have many certificates but we don't know how to come about.

How to succeed in Cameroon GCE examination
Succeed in Cameroon gce exams 

As the saying goes "there is no sweet without sweat". That is if you don't work hard you can't achieve any of your plans or goals.

Exams today's are very valid in everything we try to do but we always take it to be difficult, but why because of panic and fear.

One of the greatest challenges people face is fear. Fear can make you lose everything because when you give place to fear, know that destruction is coming. But to overcome fear,take yourself as an overComer because nothing is difficult for you to do. 

O'Level is just like a normal class exam but the difference is it is set by teachers all over. Always be inspired to learn everything and everywhere because life is a  learning experience. We should learn from young and old because we don't know everything.

Again avoid friends who drain from you than impact you. Friends are very deceptive, so do not waste your time charting and discussing unnecessary topics that can't help you at the moment. You have to be wise in choosing friends because when you join a friend who has nothing to add to what you have my dear, you will discover your emptiness.

Furthermore, read and go ahead with your teachers. Do research and always look for past questions to solve if you can't, ask your teacher or your senior to help solve the question. 

Moreover   when exams stand ahead do not let anything disturb your peace because  we can't do anything with a heavy heart. When you keep your mind at rest, I am sure to tell you,you are an overcomer. Because things flow through your mind you think of new things and creativity comes into you.

In addition , panic always makes a lot of people lose their way. We panic but when the moment comes to take a deep breath a great crowd stands ahead. You don't look at anyone straight in their eyes but look at the audience round and be flowing in your word. Always think before you say or write any word. 

In conclusion when writing, do not follow or give a listening ear to distraction, just a second to you means a lot. After you finish writing, go through your work over and over, read, check if there are errors, correct them and don't be the first to go out because while you are still on the task you can think and find more words to add to your words.

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