FUNIC University Cameroon Scholarships 2023/2024 ( Apply now)


FUNIC University Cameroon Scholarships 2023/2024 ( Apply now)

Fotate University Cameroon FUNIC  is Higher study  institution located in Douala Cameroon noted for their high Quality tutoring. 

Scholarship at FUNIC University Cameroon
FUNIC University Scholarship

FUNIC offering special Scholarships for students as follows:

  • IDPs Scholarships

  • Founders girl in STEM Scholarships

  • Ethical leadership Scholarships

  • Entrepreneurial leadership Scholarship

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Success story


What many Fotabe University of Cameroon (FUNIC) students appreciate about their time at FUNIC, is the transformation they go through and how well they perform at their jobs upon graduation. 

Mbogeh Velda enrolled to study for the HND in Logistics and Transport Management at FUNIC, 6 years ago in 2016 under a special scholarship scheme. 

After studying for only one month, she was placed to work and has continued working since then. Pearly Velda decided to share her story to inspire younger one's think of taking programs at FUNIC. 

"What I liked about studying logistics is the fact that the approach used was universal & I could learn a lot related to what was happening in other countries. I was able to implement new technologies in my organization and this advancement helped in minimizing cost as well as streamlining processes." Velda relates. 

Velda had to overcome the challenge of studying under a methodology with so much rigor. But she feels that it was the best experience of her life. 

"In the year 2018, I worked on a student project related to customer service and customer relationship management. This project expanded my knowledge of customer service. And today, I can perform all responsibilities in my current job with ease." Velda explains. 

She currently works as Secretary and Receptionist in a Hotel. Amongst other things, she trains and inducts new employees. 

"As a student, what helped me brave my challenges was an amazing and vibrant young lecturer who was my role model, Dr. Takor Ronald. He taught me humility, perseverance, kindness, passion, courage and good leadership. I invite every young person to take a program at FUNIC." 


Students who study in an environment where every student is like Velda certainly will thrive and remain successful. 

To enroll and follow the path Velda took, discover our scholarship offers for this academic year.

*No application fees

*No processing fees

Contact us for details. 

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