WhatsApp Channel: new WhatsApp feature


 WhatsApp Channel: new WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp just added a new feature, WhatsApp Channel just like Telegram Channel.

"Today we are starting to roll out WhatsApp channels Globally and adding thousands of new channels that people can follow in WhatsApp. You can find channels in the New 'Update Tab'" Mark Zukerburg just shared on his Facebook post.

This means WhatsApp users can now create their WhatsApp Channels that many people can join just as Telegram.

I knew it that the moment Telegram added the Status tab, Meta was definitely going to do something to counter the number of people moving over to Telegram.

When the "archive folder" feature was added to WhatsApp status, I thought that was the peak move to hold people back. 

But I was wrong!

Guess what?

A new feature was added to WhatsApp, today!

Just like we have channels on Telegram, we now have channels on WhatsApp.

That's to say, you can now create a WhatsApp Channel that can house thousands of people; just like on Telegram.

I'm not going to lie, seeing that WhatsApp feels more native (I'm more comfortable on it) to me, this new update just made me love it more.

I'll definitely be trying it out soon.

The battle continues, and it's now more interesting.

Which are you now on?

Team WhatsApp or Team Telegram??

WhatsApp Channel
WhatsApp Channel

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