How to activate free data and calls in Camtel Cameroon ( step by step)


How to activate free data and calls in Camtel Cameroon ( step by step)


Blue Camtel

Camtel AKA BLUE is the mother Telecommunication Agency in Cameroon.  They just launched their mobile SIMs with Many free Data and calls bundles even cheaper as compared to other networks.

Follow the steps below to Activate free data, calls and sms in Your Camtel Blue SIM.


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Firstly Get a Camtel SIM card. 

To get A Camtel SIM in Cameroon, it costs between 0 to 1000 frs.  Go to the nearest Camtel Post Around you and get one.

When you do, ensure it's registered on the spot. Then, get any of their technicians on the spot to configure your phone by fitting in the CAMTEL digital codes, without which you MAY have network issues: 

Secondly, load Money to Activate free data. 

 Refill 3k credit (or more depending on your means), dial *825# and follow the instructions until you activate your bundle, which will provide you with :

 "UNLIMITED" internet services for a month,

 "UNLIMITED" calls to CAMTEL numbers for the same period, 

"UNLIMITED" SMS messages to CAMTEL numbers, AND

A healthy amount of free airtime to other networks... 

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There are equally several other bundles that are also very/more performant. 5k, 10k, 15k, etc... 

You can Also let the technician activate this for you

Why You Should Use Camtal.



And to those saying the MULTINATIONALS are better and perfect, well, try CAMTEL first, before drawing CONCLUSIONS....

NB : Those who have issues getting CAMTEL credit when in need, simply download the application called SWITCHIN online. It permits you convert MTN/ORANGE credit into CAMTEL airtime...

Small Disadvantages of Camtel.

The Camtel network is not yet available in some rural areas.

Camtel Credit is a bit difficult to get if you don't have the App mentioned above.


Camtel is one of the best networks in Cameroon now because it's cheaper and the network is faster. To Get your own Camtel SIM card to Enjoy the free Data, follow the steps above. (Get a Sim, configure internet in Your phone, load money and activate true Monthly data, SMS and calls).

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