Five reasons people fail US DV lottery


Five reasons people fail US DV lottery today

Statistics have shown that about 60% of those who failed the USA DV lottery is not because of bad luck, it's because of the wrong ways, tools and places they use to play it. Today I will share with you five reasons why many people failed the US DV lottery.
Why people fail us DV lottery
Us DV lottery

1. Wrong photos: That is old photos or photos which doesn't meet US DV lottery standards as specified on their official website.

2. Wrong Entry: entering information wrongly or someone entering it on your behalf wrongly.

3. Double Identification: playing the DV lottery more than one time using same details.

4. Non Eligibility Country: playing DV lottery from a non Eligibility Country.

5. Wrong Data: Entering DV lottery using wrong Data like Email, fake websites etc.

If you avoid the five reasons above which are causing many people to fail the US DV lottery, your chances of winning will be higher.


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