15 Things to Never do After a Breakup


 15 Things to Never do After a Breakup

Breakups are hard. It matters not whether you’re the one who broke it off or the one who was left emotionally broken in the aftermath. Your mental state after a breakup is likely clouded by a furious storm of conflicting thoughts and emotions.


 Those emotions make it even more important to try to keep a level head while coping. And, you must avoid making any rash decisions.


We all cope with loss and pain differently. However, there are 15 things you should never do after a breakup. These are common pitfalls people tend to fall into way too frequently.




#1. Don’t keep calling or texting your ex

It is all over now. Don’t waste your time arguing about the matter. Don’t be in the illusion that you will be able to gain something from such a pointless argument. Let it go.

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#2. Don’t beg to save the relationship

Once you have a broken relationship, very little can be done to fix it. Relationships can end for a variety of reasons. But the most common is that both people are just romantically incompatible.


For one reason or another, you did not share a secure romantic connection. Or, you found some absolute deal breakers that keep the relationship from ever really happening.


It’s essential to identify whether you’re missing your ex specifically. Or, are you merely missing the idea of being in a relationship? These scenarios are two different things. Furthermore, longing for that familiarity can lead to a lot of problems if mishandled.


#3. Don’t start crying in front of others

Why reveal what has happened with you in front of everyone. They might make fun of it behind your back and have a good laugh about it. So don’t start complaining about your ex and how you guys broke up in front of others.


#4. Don’t try to be revengeful

It is not wise to complicate things more and drag the issue by always planning on how to take revenge from your ex. It is only going to waste your time. Instead, you need to put that effort into something productive and useful.


#5. Don’t think too much about what happened

The past has already passed. Don’t mourn over the things that don’t value anymore. Make it a point not to engage yourself in thinking about the sad and the bad that has happened in the past.


#6. Never treat yourself as a failure

Relationships can end for a variety of reasons, and sometimes it’s just due to incompatibility or that spark not being there. People like to think that if you work at it hard enough, relationships are guaranteed to work, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Rather than treat your relationship or your part in it as a failure, use it as a learning experience on what to look for in your next partner.


#7. Don’t try to isolate yourself

It is commonly seen that after breaking up, a person tries his best to get disconnected from the outside world. They would not even take calls of those who care about them.


This is a very wrong approach. Why punish others for something they have not done. Moreover, don’t become a loner. Go out and enjoy the other aspects of life.


#8. Stop reading old messages again and again

It is very foolish to stock up old messages and keep reading them over time. Simply get rid of them as soon as possible. That’s now only going to help you to move on but will also help you get a fresh start.


#9. Don’t visit those places which would make you remind of the past

If possible then do avoid visiting the places where you both have hanging out when you were together for that would make you recall what had happened and that in turn would make you sad. Explore new places and make new friends.


#10. Don’t keep waiting, move on

Are you still hoping that things would eventually sort out? You need to snap out of it. It is all over, leaves everything to destiny and moves on by enjoying life.


#11. Stop listening to sad songs

Stop listening to songs whose lyrics keep talking about heartbreaks. Listen to some soothing music instead. You could even plan a concert with your buddies that might refresh your mood.


#12. Stop blaming yourself

Don’t blame yourself every time for all that has happened. Some people even call out names to themselves. Such a thing should not be practised. If you were together it was because of you both wanted to be together. And now that you both aren’t together anymore, it is not your fault only.


#13. Don’t ever complain about your ex to their near and dear ones

It’s all set and done. It’s high time that you should stop complaining about your ex to others. This gives out a wrong impression in so many ways.


#14. Act same with others

Don’t react in the same angry way with your other near and dear ones.  Don’t snap at them because you are not in a good mood. Respect them because they are the ones who support you in everything you do.


#15. Don’t try to counsel others who are in a relationship

After a breakup doesn’t try to advise others on their relationships. Avoid a pessimistic approach. This is something very illogical and an extremely mean thing to do.


Bonus: Don’t let it affect your work

Stop being a fool and get down to business. Don’t waste your valuable time. Career is the most important thing in life. Love should always take a back seat when it comes to serious things in life such as work, jobs etc.



Breakups are always going to be hard to deal with, whether it’s your first relationship or you’ve been dating for a long time and through the wringer a few times. It’s important to grieve and cope on your terms. But you should do it in a way that promotes positivity and healing by the end of the process.


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