Avoid These 9 Major Mistakes In Your Relationship At Any Cost


Avoid These 9 Major  Mistakes In Your Relationship At Any Cost

Nobody’s perfect and when it comes to a relationship we all make mistakes at one time or another. A long term stable relationship can be tricky and they almost all come with some challenges and some mistakes have direr consequences on your relationship than others. In this article, I have scribbled down some of those most destructive mistakes that should be avoided in a relationship at any cost. If these mistakes are left ignored or uncorrected, it might even cost you your entire love life.


#1 Getting Jealous:

Nothing could kill a relationship faster than jealousy could. I agree a little jealousy is common in all relationship but the problem arises when it gets out of hand, then jealousy can be a major relationship problem. If you find yourself getting jealous whenever you find your partner with someone else, you need to do an honest check-in with yourself, this happens only when your relationship lacks trust in it.


If you can’t find some way to overcome this official killer of relationship, then you might as well kiss your relationship goodbye. Because jealousy might even motivate you to give up on the relationship.


#2 Trying To Change Your Partner:

Encouraging someone to be their best self is something you should do in a relationship but forcing someone to be your perfect vision is a no. You are wrong if you think your partner needs to change if something they do seems to be a red flag try to resolve it by communicating with them, work on changing that particular factor rather than trying to change the person they are. Love them for who they are, not for who you want them to be. When you try to change them all they would feel is your lack of genuine love and mutual respect.


You simply can’t turn a person into someone who would do nothing other than fulfilling your personal needs and selfish desires. When you walk into a relationship be sure to take that person for exactly who he/she is, not who you want them to be. Any changes that come over time will stay while those which are forced would simply fade away.


#3 Depending on Your Partner For All Your Needs:

Your partner is not here to meet all your needs; they can do only what they can do. Some demands may be impossible for them to fulfil, but that shouldn’t give you an idea that he/she doesn’t love you. You should not depend on your partner for each and everything if there’s something that you could do by yourself, do it. Don’t wait for your partner to do it for you.


They too have a world outside the relationship. You can’t rely on them to fulfil all your emotional needs, only you can do that if you can’t find happiness within yourself you are not going to find it elsewhere. There are some things you can’t rely on your partner for, don’t force them into such situations, that may even drift you apart from them.


#4Domination Is Not Love:

Domination and control do not love, don’t try to dominate over your partner nor control them. Don’t try to hurt them or their feelings and call it as love, it hurts, its abuse, not love. Many things you think as love are domination, such as trying to keep your partners’ attention fixed on you 24/7, feeling good by getting what you want from the other etc.


Domination is not real love, it’s more like an imitation of love, so much of what we have been told was love throughout our lives was in real domination, learn to differentiate between these two to keep your relationship safe and sound.


#5 Never Get Addicted To Fighting:

Being addicted to fighting is quite common in most relationships these days, no wonder why so many end up in a breakup. Fighting is never a solution, open up to your partner, settle the issues by speaking things out, instead of fighting. Like any other addiction fighting too carry dire results, it controls them and their relationship, many are not even aware of this addiction.


Try to figure out the reasons behind those never-ending fights and work on solving them before it gets the better out of you. The only way you get out of an addiction is by admitting that you have an addiction and that you need help. Admit this to your partner and communicate with them about what’s troubling you and fix it, rather than committing the same mistake again and again.


#6 Stop Taking Them For Granted:

Never take someone their efforts for granted, you never know how much effort they have invested in doing things for you. A simple compliment like ‘thanks’ could make their day. Ignoring your partner and not appreciating their efforts will never help you anywhere in the relationship, never forget to tell your partner, ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’.


Give compliments, acknowledge them when they do something right. Remember how bad you had it before they were with you. Taking them for granted is a big red flag for your relationship and it should be treated with utmost care.


#7 Looking for Perfectionism:

Perfectionism can drive you and the people around you crazy when it comes to a relationship looking for perfection is a serious mistake. We are all imperfect in a way or other. So stop looking for a perfect partner and start looking for the imperfect one who will balance you out.


If you want your love life to be healthy and happy ditch perfectionism, prince charming does not exist outside Disney and you are not living in a fairy tale, wake up from unrealistic ideas and start accepting the reality for what it is. Being a perfectionist would seriously hold you back from finding genuine love, care and affection in a relationship.


#8 Let it Happen:

You can’t force someone to love you, so don’t move too fast when it comes to a relationship. A relationship is meant to be built with time, not with sheer force. You have to ease into the relationship, so you that you could avoid losing yourself in it.


Let it happen, it will take some time, be patient, if not you will end up with someone completely wrong for you. Love is not about forcing the pieces to fit, don’t do that mistake let time bring together the pieces so that it could fit perfectly.


#9 Respect Their Privacy:

Privacy is a human right and without a healthy respect for each other’s privacy, a relationship would crumble in no time. When your partner feels uncomfortable sharing something, don’t force them to spit it out. There are certain things that you both feel are private to you, don’t try to get into those things, set your boundaries, just because you are in a relationship with them doesn’t give you rights to drag yourself into their private stuff. It is completely unrealistic to be with your partner 24/7, respect their alone time.




You need to be more aware of these red flags and solve it before it expands into something that could not be contained. These mistakes, if left unattended could doom your relationship.

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