5 Things a Guy Will Do ONLY if He Loves You



 5 Things a Guy Will Do ONLY if He Loves You

A relationship is not all about “LOVE “, love is just one of the many things that a relationship is composed of. And the other things are commitment, open communication, mutual respect, freedom to be their self and many more such as physical, moral and mental support in times of need.


Love acts as a rope which tightly binds together all these necessities so the relationship would not fall apart. From poets to philosophers many have tried but none have succeeded in explaining what true love is, I am no different, I can’t explain to you what true love means but what I can tell you today are certain things that a guy would do for you when he is really in love with you.


#1 He Will Include You In His World.

A sure-fire sign to look for to see how true he is with you and the relationship is him introducing you to his friends and family. When he does that it strongly suggests that he wants you to be a part of his world, as a friend, as his family.


As a couple, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with his friends and family than you would with yours and if he doesn’t want to see you with the people he loves the most, he doesn’t want you with him on the long run.


#2 He Will Miss You.

If your guyloves you for real he would never stop giving you love and affection and he would never want you to stop giving him love and affection. Deprive him of any of these and he would ask it from you, that’s when you can tell to yourself that he loves you.


You can say that he loves you for real when he is excited to see you as you return from your job or a holiday even though you both have known each other for a long time. Most men may not say it out loud but you could pretty much figure it out just by the excited tone in which he talks to you after a long day of not talking to each other.


#3 He Wants To Be A Part Of Your World.

If he wants to meet your family and friends, you could say without a doubt that he wants to take the relationship to the next level. I am a guy and I can say for sure that no man on the planet would want to meet the parents of the girl he is dating unless he likes her a lot and is planning to build a future with her.


When he wants to meet your family he is plain right assuring you that he is going to take care of you as his family and he is assuring your friends and family that he will treat you the way that they want you to be treated.


#4 He Listens To You.

You guys don’t need me to tell you that men don’t listen a lot, yes we don’t listen and when we do listen to someone it’s only because that someone is really important to us. If he listens carefully to whatever you say he loves, you and if he remembers whatever that you have told to him he loves you for real.


He will always talk to you when he’s confused about something, he will appreciate your response and will respect your opinion. The communication would always be an open one where both parties play a major and vital role. The more open the communication is between tow; the more love can flow freely between them.


#5 He Will Tells You.

A quiet simple but effective way to figure out if he loves you for real is by listening to his words and looking at his actions. If a guy is really in love, he’ll find a way a tell you that love, he will find a way to show you his love and he won’t stop showing even after you both get to be together. This is how most men say they love you, through their actions, through the way they take care of you.


These are just a few of the many things that a guy would do if he loves you for real. I guess you would like to read more on this topic? If yes do like this article, share it with your friends and comment below, I'll work on making some follow up articles. Thanks for reading.


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