10 Ways to Make a Guy Go Crazy for You


10 Ways to Make a Guy Go Crazy for You

There is Nothing is better than being in a relationship where the guy is head over heels in love. If you want to make a guy crazy about you, it only takes a little bit of patience. The following steps will make it easy for him to fall completely in love with you.


10 Ways to Make a Guy Go Crazy for You

#1. Always be well dressed

Be pretty always and stay wow. Doing this will attract any guy. No men can resist a well-dressed lady who knows her fashion and style! So want to make him go crazy on you? You know how to dress.


#2. Always smile at him

It’s the best thing you can do. It opens up your body language and invites men in to your life. A smile is an easy way to say that you want to engage with the world around you. It’ll also help you emotionally lift yourself up as your body feels those muscles get triggered and thinks, “Oh yeah, I’m happy!”


Obviously, if you’re having a bad day or just not up for flashing a grin, don’t force it for our sake, but if you’re happy and you know it, showing him is an easy way to capture his heart.


#3. Smell nice

Men love women who smell nice. Do you know why? Scent is linked to memory, and it’s extremely effective to at influencing the subconciousness of a person. What this mean is that whenever a man comes across someone who smells nice or somebody perfume with good scent, he will definitely think of you.


In the past, researchers have performed studies that have shown that scent is one of the most powerful memories. Even when we cannot remember where we smelled a scent, we recall smelling it in the past. It may sound superficial, but picking a specific scent can make guys fall head over heels for you. Choose a flirty perfume and dab a little on the wrists. Before long, he will associate that smell with being around you.


#4. Be comfortable in your skin

Be yourself, even if you are shorter, fat or darker than other ladies. There are so many celebrities who have flaws but they are loved widely because they are cool and comfortable in their own skin. Don’t try to change yourself to please others. Be yourself and love what you are!


#5. Don’t blah about your past relations

Nobody likes a person who is full of regrets. So don’t talk about your past relations and how they failed. Don’t complain about your ex boyfriends and how no one meets your expectation. That is just painting a very sorry picture for you in front of the guy! Guys don’t like such a girl.


#6. Don’t be easy

Don’t be an emotional fool. Don’t show that you are deeply in love with him, even if you are. Because it is a known fact that guys start taking girls for granted once they fall deeply in love with them and they have nothing else in their mind except the guy! Take your time with the guy and play hard to get, because guys love the chase.


#7. Be busy! 

Have your own life! Surprisingly, men find someone who is busy doing their own thing to be extremely attractive. It means that you don’t need someone else to plan your life around.


Having your own hobbies, events, and activities that you’re always engaged in will make him bide his time for when you’re free. 


#8. Miss Enigma

Don’t be an all-out lady. Open up slowly. Keep things about you mysterious and enigmatic. Take a few days to give him your number. Don’t add him so easily on your Facebook.


Let him think about what you are and let him miss you, before you open up to him! Guys would go crazy on a girl who is mysterious for him.


#9. Be a great listener

One sure way to get a boyfriend is to pay attention to him. When he is talking, you should show him that you are interested in him by listening to him. Guys love it when they have a girl that cares about them and it drives them crazy.


 Don't be self-centered and always talk about your desires and your life. Give him some space and let him speak his mind. Men like it when they are appreciated and praised for their actions.


#10. Express Your Opinions

Everyone has opinions, but not everyone feels comfortable expressing them. It might be because of insecurity, fear of being laughed at or saying something wrong. Regardless, if this renders you speechless or has you agreeing with everything men say, just remember it’s probably better to put yourself on the line and risk it.


A man likes to be challenged. He likes to be made to think by someone on his level. When you have opinions and stick by them, you’re offering up a challenge he can’t resist.


 It doesn’t mean being bitchy or deliberately controversial for the sake of it. Just be willing to say what you think and enjoy good-natured debates. He’ll have a huge amount of respect for you, whether he agrees or not, and see you as a next-level catch.



Stick to these ten tips and you are sure to make your crush fall head over heels. Be yourself and be involved in his life. If he thinks you care about his life, he will love you for it.

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