Math Quiz: (8×3) ÷12 =? answer

Math Quiz: (8×3) ÷12 =?
  This Math Quiz is going viral on the internet especially on social media like Facebook and and Twitter and many people failing it.

When it was first posted on our Facebook page, many people had answers like 1, 24, 2 and 4. What is your own answer? If this is your first time of seeing the Quiz, then get a pen and paper and try to solve before checking my own answer below.

To solve this Math Quiz, you need to apply BODMAS. Note that it is 8×3 all divided by 12 and not 8 or 3 ÷ 12.
So, aplyappl BODMAS, we solve what's in the bracket first.
8×3 = 24.
Now 24÷12 = 2.

The correct answer is 2. If you have any questions please ask via comment.

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