Apple Banana and maize puzzle answer


This puzzle is going viral on the internet today, many people are scraching their heads to get the correct answer.

Many people got answers like 26, 8, 12 16, 64 and more but today I will I solve in details to make you understand why the correct answer is 16. Solving math puzzles, riddles and Quizes can refresh your brain and relax your mind from stress.

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During lockdown, many people are engaging online with friends and family to get themselves busy by solving math Quiz, puzzles and riddles.

Here is the puzzle,

The puzzle might look simple from the first glance, but after solving it you might get the wrong answer. To solve this kind of Puzzles,  you need to first solve each equation and then, apply BODMAS in the final equation.


I will solve each equation to get the values of Apple, banana and maiz and substitute in the final equation.

Equation one

From the first equation,3 apples = 30.

Implies an Apple = 10. That's dividing both side by 3.

Equation two

10 + 2 bananas = 18,

2 bananas = 18-10

2 bananas = 8

Banana = 4 according to the question.

Equation three

4 - maize = 2

- maize = 2-4

- maize = -2

Maize = -2÷-1

Maize = 2.

Hence, the value of Apple =10,

Banana = 4

Maize =2.

Final equation

Maize + apple + banana = ?

I will substitute the values of Apple, banana and maize in the final equation above and solve.

2 + 10 + 4 = ?

16 =?

Therefore, the final answer to the Apple, banana and maize puzzle is 16. If you  have different answer, comment

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