The picture puzzle, which bottle fils first? answer

 The picture puzzle which bottle fils first answer.

This puzzle is trending on social media today, many people are answering and failing. The picture puzzle is full of fun.

All the bottles are connected but some are actually blocked.  After reading this article, you will understand why the correct answer is five.

Solving math puzzles z Quizes and riddles can refresh your memory. Today I will answer this picture puzzle for you.

Here is the puzzle on picture below

To answer this kind of puzzle, you need to look carefully to see which of the bottles are blocked. I will answer starting from the left side to the right.

Firstly, when the liquid enters number one bottle, it is normally supposed to flow towards the bottles to the left. The pipe pipe connetingc the first bottle to the others to the left of is blocked( look carefully).

Secondly, since the left side is all blocked, the liquid will fill the first bottle more than half and flow to the right via the pipe to bottle number three. It was supposed to to fill the number seven bottle but seven is also blocked.

Thirdly, it will fill more than half the number three bottle and flow to the number five bottle. When the number five bottle is full, it will now flow and complete bottle number three, and One.

So , the first bottle to get full is number fibe bottle, second is number 3 and third  is number One.

Therefore the final answer to the picture puzzle, "which bottle fils first" is bottle number 5.

If you have different answer, comment.

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