BAC results 2020


 BAC results 2020

The North West region has been ranked first on the Baccalaureat result list with a 59.22% success. The figures released by the Baccalaureat office indicate that 106 candidates registered in the NW 103 sat in for the exam and 63 passed. 

The South West region occupies the 3rd position with 304 registered candidates, 298 participants and 153 successful candidates suming up to 51.80%.

The Littoral region is second with 54, 91% for 14, 914 successful candidates in an overall 27,159 candidates who took the exams 

How to get results

"BAC GENERAL 2020 Candidate: Send your matricula now to 8070 to get your results (150F). More info by dialing 8070 (150F/min)"

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