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The red, blue and yellow flower math puzzle, is going viral on the internet and many people solving and getting the wrong answers. Some people have 81,101, 105 and some get confused.

Flower puzzle answer


The answer would be 81 or 101, so you should first multiply red flower by blue flower and then add that to one yellow flower

Thus, 1+ ( 20+ 4) = ? Or  1 + (20x 5) =? I will solve the red, blue and yellow flower math puzzle for you with detail explanations for your better understanding. Multiplication comes before addition, there are similar puzzles online like this one that might confuse you to get the wrong answer. There's a trick in the third and final equation, read carefully.

The Hamburgerplus packet fries’ times milk drink bottle puzzle

is a good example.


 Solving math puzzles can relax, refresh your memory and make you think better.   During the lockdown period, people have been exercising their skills by sharing fun and interesting games on different social media platforms. Besides spending their time doing household chores, people seek something new in their life to break the monotony of their daily routine. From dare games, push-up challenges, to fun riddles, puzzles, quizzes, they share everything to engage with their near and dear ones.


Here is how I will solve this tricky flower math problem to get the correct answer.

·        I will solve the first equation

·        Second and third equation

·        Substitute the values for the answers gotten from the first to third equation in the final equation

·        Simplify to get the correct answer.



Yellow + red times blue flower=  ?


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, numerous trends are surfacing online. While some are quirky and crazy, others are simply genius to blow one’s mind. Among them, ‘Yellow + red times blue flower =  ? math puzzle problem’ has divided the internet. Although it seems simple to the mathematics students, there are several twists and hurdles that one must overcome to get the correct answer. Hence, it is not all about ‘Hamburger plus fries’ times milk bottle puzzle’. Here’s everything that you should know before solving the flower math puzzle’.


Everything about the ‘Yellow + red times blue flower=? math puzzle

This new trend surfaces as People on Facebook WhatsApp Ridit and Twitter have been sharing the ‘Yellow + red times blue flower=? math puzzle’ and nominating their friends and families to attempt to solve it. The chosen ones should find the correct answer and if they fail to do so, they should mention that they lost and game and further nominate other people to find the Yellow + red times blue flower= ? math puzzle.


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Solution to the flower Math puzzle.


First, I will start with the first equation.

In the first equation, three red flowers sum up to 60. Therefore, each red flower is equal to 20.

So, 20 + 20+ 20 = 60. This is for ordinary understanding.

To solve mathematically,

Red flower + Red flower + Red flower = 60.

Implies 3 Red flower = 60

Implies a Red flower = 60/3.

Implies a milk bottle is 20. I solve mathematically so that you can apply this method to solve more complex puzzles and quizzes


Second equation: red flower + blue flower + blue flower = 30


In the second equation, Red flower and 2 blue flowers are equal to 30. Therefore, each blue flower equals 5.

So, 20 + 5 + 5 = 30. This is for normal understanding.

To solve practically,

red flower + blue flower + blue flower = 30

The value of red flower is 20, so I will substitute in the above equation and solve.

20 + 2 blue flowers = 30,

2 blue flowers   = 30 – 20, (Here I made blue flowers   subject of the formula, form three math).

2 blue flowers   = 10,

A blue flower   = 10/2.

Implies a blue flower   = 5.


Equation three.

Blue – 2 yellow flowers = 3

 5 - 2yellow flowers = 3,

-2yellow flowers = 3-5 (Sign changes when a variable crosses the equal sign)

-2yellow flowers = -2

Yellow flower = -2/-2

Yellow flower = 1


Therefore, the values of red, blue and yellow flower per the puzzle are;

Red flower = 20

blue flower = 5

yellow flower = 1.



On closer observation, it is seen that the blue flower has only 4 petals and not 5! So the value of the blue flower in the last line cannot be the same as the value of the other blue flowers (5) as it is a completely different flower!

So, I will consider the value of the blue flowers to be number of petals. This means I am actually looking for the value of petals in equation since petals and not flowers are used in the final equation.

Therefore, if blue a flower has 5 petals, it implies a petal = 1. 

Final equation: yellow flower plus red flower times 4 petals=?


Therefore, using BODMAS, I get

 1 + (20× 4)=?

= 1 + 80=?

= 81=?.

If you didn't notice the differences in the third equation, you will have 101.

Hence, I got the red, blue and yellow flower math puzzle answer. The answer is 81. If you have different answers, comment.



This puzzle is funny, simple and tricky. At a glance, you might think it is very simple, if you don’t take time to study it, you will get it wrong.




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