How to pass all subjects at the Cameroon GCE exams


How to pass all subjects at the Cameroon GCE exams

Statistics have shown that many students hardly pass all their registered subjects at the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board ( CGCEB) ordinary and Advanced level. This is because many students don't get the timely advice in schools and at home before writing the GCE. Today I will give you some important tips to register and pass all your exams papers be it ordinary, Advance level or even at the University level. 

The key eight points below will help you pass all your registered subjects at the Cameroon GCE exams.

How to  pass all subjects at the Cameroon GCE exams

Students always register the Cameroon GCE exams without proper orientation and at the end, they register even subjects they cannot make it in. Today I will share with you some important tips on how to write and pass all papers in the Cameroon official exams which  includes:

  1. Have interest in all subjects to be registered.

  2. Take every subject equal.

  3. Prepare in time.

  4. Focus on the subject and not the teacher.

  5. Build a good learning relation with all the teachers of the subjects to be registered.

  6. Respect all your teachers

  7. Register the subjects according to your capacity.

  8. Make sure you have a good study time table.

  1. Having interest in all the subjects to be registered.

This means you have to first cultivate interest in all the subjects starting from the compulsory subscribe. They're some students who will always say "let me just register this one because it's a compulsory subject".. The moment you think about this, you have already failed the subjects and hence, you shall not pass all your subjects.

  1. Take every subject equally. 

When listing your subjects to be registered in the GCe exams, consider everyone of them equal. What I mean here is that some students always think that some subjects are easier to pass than others. This might be true but statistics have shown that students always fail those subjects they considered easy. 

A good example with the Cameroon GCE is the English language. Many students always consider it easier and  put less effort in it before going for exams, at the end they instead fail it.

  1. Prepare in time. 

To write and  pass all your registered subjects, you have to prepare in time, that's you prepare ahead of the official date set for the exams and  not at the last hour. Some students always study for their exams at the last hours which lead them to failure. The best time to study for the Cameroon GCE exams is the first term. Second and third term is for revision. When you do this, you are going to pass all your subjects.

  1. Focus on the subjects not teachers.

Some students always focus on teachers and not the subjects. That's you always want a particular teacher to handle a particular subject. This might be true in some cases but when preparing for exams use just the available teachers.

  1. Good  learning relation with teacher.

When preparing to register and write exams, avoid having unnecessary problems with your teachers. This might hinder the way you understand his lessons. 

  1. Respect all your teachers.

For whatever reason, you should never disrespect your teachers when preparing to register and write exams. Some students always disrespect their teachers and at the end,they neglect the subject which leads to failure. 

  1. Register subjects  according to your Capacity.

This is very vital because some students always register subjects just because they see their friends registering it. To register your subjects, the first thing is to make compulsory subjects a priority then, you can add the rest according to your capacity. It is preferable to register 8 

subjects and pass all than to register 15 and pass . Always access your capacity before going in for exams.

  1. Good study time table.

A good study timetable should make all subjects equal and you have to respect the time table. I have seen students who remove some subjects from their time table and at the end they fail the subjects.

The key points above can help you write and pass all registered  subjects at the Cameroon GCE exams if you put them into practice.

 Note that these points are to enlighten you on how to write and pass all the subjects you registered and not how to pass the GCe exams. Even though some points above are applicable, there are some key points I will share in my next Article " How to prepare for exams in Cameroon" which includes:

  • Good health

  • Sound mind 

  • Balance diet 

  • Kinds of food to eat when preparing for exams and more.

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