2020 most tricky math quiz answer


This tricky math quiz is going viral on social media, many people are solving and getting the wrong answers.

Screenshot of 2020 most tricky math quiz

The answer will be 2020, today I will solve detaily to explain why the correct answer is not 2004 as many people got their answers as 2004. 

Many quiz lovers like solving brain games, puzzles, picture puzzles, WhatsApp puzzles, riddles and more. Solving math Quizzes and puzzles can relax and refresh your brain to start up a new day or to retire your brain to rest after a busy day.

2020 most tricky math test answer, everything you need to know.

Here's the Quiz:


12÷3(5-3+2)+ 2004= x .

Then X =?

A, 2004

B, 2020

90% failed.


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The best way to solve and get the correct answer is to apply BODMAS and follow Order of Operation. I will do it step by step for your better understanding. So, let's get started.

According to BODMAS, 

  • I will solve what is in the bracket first, 

  • Solve Division, 

  • addition and

  •  subtraction.

So, 5-3+3 = 4 ( Add 3 to 5 then subtract 3).

The new equation will be as thus:

12÷(4)+ 2004 = x.

This implies 12÷4 + 2004 = x

Implies 4+2004 = X

2020= x.

Hence, the value of "x" = 2020.

Therefore, the correct answer to the 2020 most tricky math quiz = "B" which is 2020.

If you had 2004, it means you didn't apply BODMAS well. If you still doubt the answer, let me know.


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