How to make money with YouTube fast in Cameroon (10 strategies 2021 that works)


How to make money with YouTube fast in Cameroon (10 strategies 2021 that works)

Many people start YouTube channels in Cameroon with the hope of making money with it but most of them end up not meeting their dreams.  Making money with YouTube in Cameroon is as easy as ABC. If you are serious, consistent and follow YouTube Guidelines, be sure that after reading this article, you will be able to make money with YouTube fast in Cameroon.

How to make money with YouTube fast in Cameroon (10 strategies 2021 that works)

Let's all reason this thing. If you want to start any business will you just jump into it with doing  research or plan on how you shall gain from it?

The simple is; you must plan for any business you want to do. This is the same thing with YouTube. You must implement all business strategies before starting a YouTube channel.

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.


If you wish  to start a YouTube channel in Cameroon or anything other countries and make money fast, this article contains the best fast 2021 strategies for you.

If you are also a musician, a Blogger or vlogger, and you still face challenges making money with YouTube in Cameroon or other countries, then this article is wealth reading and implementing. The ten strategies below on how to make Money with YouTube in Cameroon fast will save you time and money if you strictly apply them.

These 10 best strategies include:

  1. Select an  evergreen niche.

  2. Make a plan.

  3. Create a blog/website. 

  4. Write 15 quality posts on your blog first.

  5. Apply for AdSense and get monitize.

  6. Create your YouTube channel.

  7. Start converting your blog post to videos.

  8. Get ready for AdSense.

  9. Link your AdSense account.

  10. Start earning money.

I will expantiate on the strategies above and then also give you some other important points to note before engaging in YouTube business.

1, Select an  evergreen niche:  All the points above are arranged according to their merits  to you. Before you start a YouTube channel, you need to first select an evergreen niche. An evergreen niche market is a niche which many people will always come back to watch your videos even if it's after 10 years. An example of an  evergreen niche market include: Education ( Biology, chemistry maths etc) channels, food channels, how - to channels and more. You can still get any of these niches and split to a specific niche. 

A specific niche is a niche that you focus only on a particular topic. Let's say you want to create a YouTube channel for food, you then choose African dishes. African dishe  is a specific niche.

With an evergreen niche market, you don't have to  be too consistent because you can produce many videos for a month and they serve their purpose for years.

2, Make a plan: before you start a YouTube channel, make a proper plan. Plan the topic,  time and how you are going to earn money from your channel. You can do this with your friends or mentors.

3, Create a blog or website: This is a plus for you. Many YouTubers own websites, some even started from Blogging. When you want to make a good YouTube video, you have to plan the video right? Yes! convert all your video plans to blog posts and publish on your website. This will help you get an AdSense account fast and even start earning before your YouTube channel gets ready. 

 To get a website nowadays is pretty simple. You can create one for free on Blogger or I can get you one for almost free. When you get your website, you start publishing your YouTube videos plans as blog posts.  You can do this for a month.

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4, write quality 15 Post and publish on your website. These 15 quality articles should be all your video plans from point three above. You can plan and also do the video the same time but remember I'm talking of how to make money fast with YouTube in Cameroon. So you need to follow all these points and put them into practice. You will soon learn why you need to publish many videos on YouTube on the same day rather than single videos in  different day

5, Apply for AdSense and get approved: After you have published about 15 of your YouTube videos plans on your website as blog posts, let your blog run for about a month, follow AdSense account instructions and guidelines, apply for it and get approved. You can start earning money already from your Blog. This AdSense account shall be used to link to your YouTube channel so that you can easily montize it fast. So, by that time you are going to be earning money from your blog and YouTube channel at the  same time. Amazing right?

The main difference between a YouTube channel is that YouTube is visual while blog is text.

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6, Create a YouTube channel: To create a YouTube channel is easier nowadays, you just need an email, Android phone or computer and internet. You shall also need some YouTube videos editing apps or software, there are many which are free.

Your YouTube name can carry the same name with the blog or website you created. If you can't create a  YouTube channel, I can help you get one for free. Click here to create your own YouTube Channel

7, Convert blog posts to YouTube videos: Start Converting your blog posts which were your YouTube videos plans to real videos now. If you were already creating your videos alongside your plans , no problem but you have limited advantages. Here's the thing.

If  you do 15 videos on a particular niche market and publish the same day, you will have more views than you posting single videos daily or weekly. For example; 

If I find myself on your YouTube channel, I will definitely watch related videos. Now if you don't have other videos, I will go to another person's channel. Hope you get the trick.

This is why I said above to plan many videos , create them and publish maybe one day.

8, Get ready for monitisation: When you publish t your videos, share to the right audiences. You need to be active on social media. When you meet YouTube requirements to get monitise, link your AdSense account from your blog or website.

9, Link AdSense account: You can still apply for an AdSense account via YouTube directly but it's easier and faster when you link an already existing AdSense account. By this time, You already have it from your blog.

10,  Start earning: After linking your AdSense account, you can start earning  depending on how you place ads on your YouTube videos in your Channel. An advantage here is that you will not need to verify AdSense PIN code before withdrawing your Money.

The point above if implemented correctly, you can earn your first dollar on YouTube in less than a few months. Also note that before that you are already making some money from your blog which is a double source of income to you.

Before you go , here are some important points to note before you can  start a YouTube channel and make money fast with YouTube in Cameroon. 

  • You need to be serious and consistent or produce evergreen contents.

  • Produce monitizable contents.

  • You need at least 1000 YouTube channel subscribers.

  • You need 4000hours of watch in the last twelve months.

The above points and other YouTube community Guidelines needs to be considered before a channel can be monitize.

It's true that some people create YouTube channels for fun and some for business. If you really want to create your own YouTube channel or you are already on YouTube  and facing some challenges, put this article into practice and then you will make money with YouTube fast in Cameroon using the above 10 best strategies in 2021 that work. Let me vividly list them again.

  • Select an  evergreen niche.

  • Make a plan.

  • Create a blog/website. 

  • Write 15 quality posts on your blog first.

  • Apply for AdSense and get monitize.

  • Create your YouTube channel.

  • Start converting your blog post to videos.

  • Get ready for AdSense.

  • Link your AdSense account.

  • Start earning money.

Thanks for reading, if you find this interesting, share.

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