Latest news in Cameroon GCE Board today


Latest news in Cameroon GCE Board today

Latest news in Cameroon GCE Board today
Latest news in Cameroon GCE Board today

(CGCEB) Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board, the board in charge for setting, marking and publishing the Cameroon GCE results will be publishing the GCE board exams anytime soon.

This period is a panicking and anxious one for students and parents awaiting gce Results 2021 Ordinary and Advanced level. The worst is that some people are confused between articles of 2020 GCE results and those of 2021, thinking Results are out. 

Another case is the prank online especially on social media like " Cameroon GCE results finally out, names of successful candidates as follows etc" When students see this, they panic.

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That's why in this article, I will keep updating you with the latest news directly from the Cameroon GCE Board. Calm down.

So in this article, you get answers to the common questions about GCE results trending online. Like Are GCE Results out?.

Latest news in Cameroon GCE Board today.

The content of this post include:

  • Cameroon GCE Board latest news.

  • Are Gce Results 2021 out.

  • Are GCE results Advanced and Ordinary level released?

  • When will GCE results 2021 be be out?

  • How and where to Check all Cameroon GCE results 2021.

The above are some TRENDING Questions about the Cameroon GCE results 2021.

Get answers and details below.

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Cameroon GCE Board latest news:

Latest news from the Cameroon GCE Board today is that the marking session is over, Results are currently being compiled and will be published anytime soon. Our eyes, ears and nose are on the Gce board at the moment.

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Are Gce Results 2021 out:

The Cameroon GCE results Advanced Technical, intermediate level, Vocational and Ordinary level 2021 are not yet out.

When Results are out, you will get the news on Cameroon radio and television CRTV then you rush here and  download PDF faster.

Are GCE results Advanced and Ordinary level released?:

Gce Results are currently being compiled, they will be released anytime from now, be sure to subscribe to get your result First when they are out. Also comment your candidate and center number, we will check for your in time

When will GCE results 2021 be out:

The Cameroon GCE Board examination is always registered in April and May, writing in June and Results published in August or September. That of 2020 was published late  on the 1st of October 2020 due to Corona various pandemic. 

The Government of Cameroon is making efforts to reduce the spread of the Various, Asking people to wear nose masks, get vaccinated, watch their hands etc. 

So the GCE results of this year will maintain the usual August or September date. Subscribe here and expect Results any time soon.

How and where to Check all Cameroon GCE results 2021:

You can check your GCE results by downloading PDF of 2021 Results here ( immediately as they are announced by the National Radio.

You can get it on News papers, Telecommunication Companies like MTN and Orange.

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Other updates about the GCe results 2021.

The marking session of the GCE 2021 started on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, which was to run for two or more weeks across 15 marking centers in the South West Region.

Are the results really out?

For the time being, the results are still to be published. So, who do not yet know the exact GCE 2021 Release date.

The previous results have always been released by mid-August. But owing to the Covid-19 it might be released later than usual.

We will keep you updated as soon as possible.

For you to know that the GCE results are officially out, you will get these signs and all will be able to get a pdf copy for free without hindrances.

All national radio and TV stations will announce the result

MTN and Orange Cameroon will text you the shortcodes to use

The GCE Board will make an official announcement.

Some possible Challenges surrounding the GCE 2021 Release Date

With the coming of the global pandemic (Coronavirus COVID19), the academic year was partially disrupted due to the late release of the GCE 2020 results that affected the entire academic calendar and normal class schedules.

As a result of the disruption that paved the way for utmost confusion in the academic milieu. The academic year had to be readjusted, causing the GCE General Certificate Examination exam to begin on June 29th, 2021, and ended on July 12th, 2021 as opposed to the Official 2021 Calendar and Modalities for Registration Examinations.


It's important for students and parents to stay updated with what is happening around the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board GCE, so as to get valid information. We will keep updating you with the latest news from the Cameroon GCE Board on a daily basis. Be sure to subscribe and don't get confused on the internet and social media.

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