How to edit blogger blog theme to look professional and beautiful


How to edit blogger blog theme to look professional and beautiful

How to edit blogger blog theme to look professional and beautiful
How to edit blogger blog theme to look professional

After creating your blogger blog, the theme might not look professional or beautiful. To make it professional and catchy, you need to edit the theme or install a new one. 

Today I am going to work with you via this process so that your website gets that  professional look before you start sending people to it. I will Also show you some sample blogs I edited. They say " First impressions are the best impressions".

Blog templates (also known as Themes) are ready-made (pre-built) designs of websites or blogs that you can install on your blog to give it a completely new look or beauty to your test. Oh no, when I first started blogging, I used to edit my blog theme or design to look beautiful in my eyes. 

This was a big error, your blog theme when editing, think of the visitors, in fact after editing, ask someone to visit your site and give you feedback.

Creating your own blog is one thing and making it look professional is another thing.

As you and I know, everything about Blogspot blog is free but you can agree with me that anything you don't pay for might not be the best.

Editing your blogger template to look professional can be complicated if you don't really master some css and html codes. To save time, I recommend you buy a Blogger theme or contact us to do it for you.

I will not go without giving you how to edit your blog theme to look professional and beautiful.

Before I get they, have these key things in mind:

  • You are editing your website or blog theme to your visitors.

  • Some blog themes fit only for some particular niches.

  • For Google to accept your adsense account, your blog theme must be extremely neat, easy to navigate via.

  • When editing your theme at least three colors are okay.

I have given you the clue so let's get to how to edit your blogger template.

How to edit blogger theme/template to look professional 

  1. Login to Blogger

  2. Click on theme

  3. Click on backup

  4. Click on customize

  5. Edit header,homepage,body, sidebar and footer of blogger Blog

1.Login to Blogger: Select the blog you want to edit, top left corner.

2.Click on theme: you will see, customize, edit html. You will also see backup or restore, top right corner.

3 Click on backup: this will backup your present theme for security reasons. That’s if you can't edit the theme well, you can restore the previous.

4. click in customize: this will take you to a window where you can do the advanced settings. You can adjust colors, length, widths, layouts etc.

Remember to save after you have customized any variable.

5 Edit header,homepage,body, sidebar and footer of blogger Blog:

Select the section you want to edit and select the colors that suit you. 

Example of edited blog include:Camaboom


This is a step by step instructions on how to edit a blogger theme to look professional. If after doing this and you haven't got that nice looks, consider Installing your own template Like Magone which is one of the best blogger templates that allows you to do anything for free.

If you want us to check your blog, comment the name below.

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