How to join longrich Cameroon and Make money online


How to join longrich Cameroon and Make money online easily

How to join longrich Cameroon and Make money online
Longrich Cameroon

Network Marketing business in Cameroon is one of the best ways to make money online today. The problem is that scammers have made many people fear joining network marketing businesses.

They come up with fake companies oftenly. That's why I will like you to first read this article on how to identify fake network marketing Business within seconds.

They're many multi Level Marketing companies today, Longrich has proven to be one of the best. Today I bring you some details about Longrich Cameroon.

Longrich business is a  platform established to inform, educate, and empower millions of people all over the world to attain financial freedom and achieve their dreams.

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Bases of Longrich Network Marketing business

Let's reason this


I do not think there’s anyone who doesn’t make use of:

1. Toothpaste

2. Soap

3. Sanitary Pad

4. Body cream

5. Antiperspirant

6.  Mosquito repellants

7.  Shoes

8.  Makeup.

9. Cup etc.

 The above are the bases of all real network marketing Business.

The truth is that when we go to the market to get these household products, we don’t really get value for using them. Most of these products are made of synthetic materials and therefore pose health threats to our bodies.

This is why Longrich is presenting to you a healthier line of products made from nature.  Ranging from toothpaste, soap, shoes, etc. All we want you to do is change your daily household supplies to Longrich products and we will pay you for switching

Longrich Entry levels in Cameroon

Cameroon Longrich entry level
Longrich Cameroon entry level

  • VIP - 1,800,000CFA

  • PLATINUM - 800,000CFA

  • GOLD - 330,000CFA

  • SILVER - 150,000CFA

  • Q-SILVER - 90,000CFA

  • COMBO - 24,000CFA

Not that you get products equal to your registration amount at each Level

How Longrich works 

See picture below
How Longrich works
How Longrich works


Because Longrich Network Marketing business wants to secure her Members from Scammers, registration is usually completed at any Longrich Physical store.

Choose your entry level

Get a stockiest and a sponsor,  contact me  and I will assist you further.

Move to a Longrich recognized office (If you are in Douala, check it out at Bonaprisso or give a call if you need help)

Get a registration form at the office, pay the money (depending on your entry level) and provide the information in the form provided.

Your ID card info will be required and you might need to provide a bank account number for your weekly payments.

Recruit your 3 legs and watch your wealth grow.

FAQ About Longrich

1. Who is Longrich ?

It is an international company with diverse interests originating from Asia (China). It is over 33years in business and now  10years in Cameroon. It is here to stay 

2. Do we have products in Longrich?

Yes we have almost 2000 quality, affordable and effective supplements, skin care, toiletries, weight loss products etc

3. How do I join the business?

Send your details for registration and pay the exact amount of your entry level into Longrich bank account.

Buy products of the entry level you have chosen – registration is free. 

4. What do I get for introducing a new member?

You get PVs which are points that you accumulate and move ranks within the business and you also receive different bonuses on the same pv. 

5. Do I have to sell to get paid?

Selling is not compulsory, You can use the products with your family or sell them if you want and get your money back. You can buy again and upgrade your entry level to VIP stage. 

6. What do I do after paying for my stock?

Recruit 3 members and teach them to do the same.

7. What if I recruit more than 3 members?

you will register only 3 people under you and remaining people you decide where to place them under your downline/legs. 

you also get (point value)PVs when your downlines join you. What they get you also get it. Your entry level determines % of earnings you get from activities under you. 

8. When does Longrich pay

Three weeks after activity and is paid every Thursday. 

9. What do I get apart from weekly bonuses

You will qualify for incentives through the points you have.

10. What are the incentives?

  • 3 or more free international trips per year.

  • A brand new car yearly   

  • House Fund of #25M      

  •  Scholarship Incentive for degree program in China.

  • Executive MBA in Regis University, Denver, Colorado.

It doesn’t matter the country you live in, you too can make money with this great business opportunity, take full advantage of it now.

Call or WhatsApp – 672059709  to Register and start an unforgettable journey to wealth.


Even though they are fake network marketing businesses in Cameroon today, if you join the real one and take it as your own true side hustle, you will surely make it.

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