Why Students Fail GCE Exams: 5 points


 Why Students Fail GCE Exams: 5 points

Why Students students fail GCE Exams

GCE  or CGCEB( Cameroon General certificate of education Board) is national exams written in Cameroon by Students in Form five and Upper Sixth. 

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and altitude through various forms of learning,such as training schooling and personal experience.

There are many reasons why student may fail the GCE.(General Certificate of Education).

Five Reasons students fail GCE Exams

1) Insufficient Preparation;  when student don't prepar well by studying hard or having access to good studying materials they are bound to fail am exam.

2) Lack of Understanding; Not every one have the same level of understanding, so when your reason capacity is low or not fast it increases your rate of failing am exam.

3) Exam Anxiety; Fear and stress  are some of the components that make student to write and fail because not because they don't know but tension.

4) Poor Time Management; Student don't know how to manage their time well that they don't know when to read or answer questions.

5) Language Barrier; The highest problem student face is expressing theirself and spelling  in English and French in both speaking and writing language.

Finally GCE is essential for students to succeed if indentify their weakness and their chance on future exam's. 


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