Leopard cat and mouse puzzle answer

The leopard cat and mouse puzzle answer.
In the final equation, there's a Leopard with a mouse on it and a cat behind the leopard + a cat with a mouse on it. That's
Leopard +mouse + cat  + cat + mouse = ?

This puzzle looks simple but it's complicated.  When I uploaded on my Facebook page, many people failed it, today I will solve it for you.
Solving Math puzzles can refresh your memory and relax your brain.

Here's the puzzle.
If leopard + leopard = 20,
Cat + cat = 18,
Mouse + mouse + mouse =12,
Then leopard + a mouse  + cat + mouse =?

Check puzzle on picture below.

The trick in this puzzle is in the final equation, this is why many people failed it.
Let's solve and see.

Equation one
Leopard + leopard =20
2 leopard = 20
Leopard = 20÷2
Leopard = 10.

Equation two
Cat + cat = 18
2 cats = 18
Cat = 18÷2
Cat = 9

Equation three
Mouse+ mouse + mouse = 12
3 mouse = 12
Mouse = 12÷3
Mouse = 4.

Hence, from the solving above,
Leopard = 10
Cat = 9
Mouse = 4

Final equation
Leopard + a mouse+ cat + cat + mouse =?

I will substitute the values of Leopard, cat and mouse in the final equation.

10+ 9+ 4 + 9+ 4= ?
36= ?

Therefore the final answer to the leopard cat and mouse puzzle is 36.
If you have different answer, Comment.

To solve this kind of puzzle and get the correct answer, you need to look carefully before solving. For example, in the final equation, there's a hiden cat behind the leopard and a mouse on the leopard which many people can't see. If you look carefully, you will notice the tail in the last leopard is up which is actually the tail of the cat.

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