9 things to do to succeed in all Cameroon GCE Board Examination


9 things to do to succeed in all Cameroon GCE Board Examination

How to  succeed in all Cameroon GCE Board Examination
9 things to do to succeed in all Cameroon GCE Board Examination

Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board CGCEB is a board in charge of organising setting marking and publishing the Cameroon GCE results Advanced, Technical intermediate, Technical Advanced and Ordinary level.

To succeed in the Cameroon GCE Board Examination, students need to be hardworking, committed and serious. At times these students don't have the guidance to succeed in GCE exams. 

That's why I'm giving you these important 9 things students need to do to pass the GCE Board Examination with flying colors ( A+grades).

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9 things to do to succeed in all Cameroon GCE Board Examination

They include:

  1. Work with all your teachers

  2. Use acronyms

  3. Read notes from the beginning of the year

  4. Increase reading time

  5. Pamflet and study guides

  6. Study with serious friends

  7. Solve past questions

  8. Use summary books

  9. Attend all revision Classes

Detailed explanation of the points above below.

1.Work closely with all your teachers.

When teachers are teaching, they know the key topics that can come in an examination, so work closely with your teachers by attending all classes. Love the subjects not teachers, I hear some students saying I hate this teacher. This is very wrong.

Avoid creating problems with teachers and make sure you attend all classes from the beginning of the School year.

3. Use acronyms

An acronym is when you take the first letter of something or key points and form something readable so that you can easily remember it.

For example: Factors influencing  Demand are:

Price of the Product

Consumer's Income

Price of Related Goods

Tastes and Preferences of Consumers. ... 

Consumer's Expectations

Number of Consumers in the Market


When you have the acronym, you can easily remember the points, list them and explain.


3. Read your notes from the start of school year

One of the  easy ways you can prepare  for your gce or any  exams  and  bring  yourself towards success   is  by reading your notes   , however  reading your notes is fine but I believe it has a period  . I can remember  back  in form  5.

I had  a friend  that  did not  get  A’s because even till the gce evening  he was still and always  reading his notes . Wait a minute I know what you’re saying that contradicts myself right? , but wait  let me explain , reading your  notes  is  find but there  is a period  for that , and  after that  reading your notes  will  more  of slow you down than help   you ! .

To make it clear  here is  my  suggestion in reading your  notes be  it  in gce  A level  or  O level

1st term read your notes 80% of your reading time

2nd term read your notes 40% of your reading time

Finally  3rd  and  last  term  read  your notes  10% of your reading time  ,to say  the truth  I could have said 1% cause during the third  term ,  you just  open your notes to cross check  of definitions etc.


4. Gradual increase in your reading time


The more you  get close to  your exams  you should also  increase  they  time you spend studying  a simple example will  be this  let’s  say you read for 4 hours  that is  in the first  term  then during the second  term  you should got to  8 hours  or  9 hours  per day etc. 

 but depending  on how long you can endure  but  I really suggest  you should increase it of at least  2 hours  as you get close to the gce  exam . I always advise my students to  be working with  watches  because it  will  help  them  verify   they  are reaching their  goal  in their  study hours .



5 Pamphlets and study Guides

It's proven  that  a student  that  wants  to get  A grades in  his gce MUST use pamphlets and revision guides  . Personally,  I believe  that  one of the reasons I got an “A “ in economics  was because  I had pamphlets , yes pamphlets with “s” .

 Also  I will not really  encourage pamphlets because they cause  students to be lazy  because they  give quick answers  and students instead  turn to doing  cram  work instead of understanding  which  causes them  to  fail  by  the end .

I always suggest pamphlets to be used after students have fully read their notes then they can use their pamphlets and revision guide


6 Study with serious Friends 

I believe this one is really important!! , just look carefully around in your class   and you will remark that what doesn't do well most of the time is that you always study alone (in most cases). 

This is because when you  study  alone  you have no one to correct  you or  even  improve the  answer  you did give , and since no one told you your answer  is wrong  you  walk  it  in the exam  hall  knowing it is correct . 

Back in the upper sixth  I always worked  with the first  of the class  and he used to show me some tricks  to solve math faster and things like  that I believe  helped  me a lot . so  to  cut it short  study  alone is very  very  bad always study  with  SERIOUS  friends  it will help you a lot


7. Solve past questions

“Questions can never be created nor destroyed but can be changed for me one for me to another”

Yes, even  Questions follow the  same law as energy  . What I am trying to  say is that  if you  solve some 1000 questions ( yes 1000 ) before  you write your gce , and you're sure of the correction or  that you understood the correction  in each  of them  then  there is no  reason you won’t have less than an  A . 

Back  in upper sixth  I solved about that amount In math  before writing  the gce , But still just jumping in questions will produce no effects  is just is always good to  accompany  questions with  reading that is I always  suggest  questions should  be at the  end  cause  it  will  help  you  check  if your reading was effective  or  not.

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8. Use summary books when reading

When studying for an examination, it's important to write down key points of what you are studying for that day, so that in case of less time, you can glance at the summary.

Personal view is that after studying a particular topic,close your book or go outside and relax for about 10 minutes, come back and try to recall what you studied without opening your book. If you can recall everything, it will remain in your memory, for those you can't remember, open your book and check again.

9. Attend all revision Classes

When exams are getting closer, teachers always do a run down of what they have been teaching. In these classes, they usually give areas where Examation can be set on.

It is important to attend these classes so as to be well prepared.

All do your own personal General revision of what you have been reading. 

Don't start reading when exams are near.

"Cut your leave before rain start full"


  • Good health

  • Sound mind 

  • Balance diet 

  • Kinds of food to eat when preparing


Following all the above points carefully,

Be sure to succeed in all your Gce Board Examination with good grades

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